Hey everyone,

Firstly thanks so much for joining me on here..writing a blog alongside my job is something I have wanted to do for many years but have never had the courage to start until recently, so thank you SO much for taking the time to read my posts. Your support honestly means the world to me.

So a little bit about me and why I started Summersholiyay!

I’m Sammy… a 30 year old Essex girlie.. and I work full time as a Producer in the crazy world of Entertainment Television. The shows I have worked on include Celebrity Big Brother, The Crystal Maze and Britains Got Talent.. and I have enough hilarious stories from this part of my life to write a million page book.

Working in Television is so rewarding but can also totally take over my life at certain periods. So when I am not running around a TV Studios like a lunatic I can usually be found on a beach with a mojito in one hand and a good book in the other. Its all about balance isn’t it!

I am honestly absolutely OBSESSED with holidays and spend most of my time day dreaming about my next adventure. Over the years I have been extremely lucky enough to have travelled to the most beautiful places, and now I cannot wait to share all of my travel tips with you all and hopefully take you along for the ride as to where I go next.

Summersholiyay will be a place to showcase what I believe are the most fun, pretty and best places and hotels to visit around the world. Whether this is for a holiday, romantic break away or simply a fun day/night out in London-I will try to bring everyone all the best inspiration.

UPDATE (Jan 2020): I am currently pregnant, expecting my first ever baby eek, and I am so excited for you to come along for the ride of me experiencing parenthood too. 2020 is going to be one big adventure and I hope you will all be right there beside me!

Lots of love Sammy xxx


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