Why I started Blogging… Summers Holiyay Is Born!!
My 2021 Travel Hopes And Dreams!!!!

Hey everyone, I'm Sammy Summers.. a 30 year old Essex Girlie and Mummy To Be who is constantly on wanderlust mode! Thank you so much for joining me.. this blog will follow me on all of my adventures. I'm forever exploring the prettiest of places in London and around the world and I can't wait to share everything with you all along the way! xxx


The TWENTY Things I Wish I Knew Before Labour!!!!!
Ten Things You Didn’t Know About London Zoo!
My Top Ten Books of 2020!!

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GIRL v’s BOY: The Pregnancy Myths!!!!
My Third and Final Trimester Diaries!!
Summers Holiyay turns ONE! My Blogging Goals for 2020!!!

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