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The Chocolate Cocktail Club London Review!

Oh my goodness guys!!! I think I have found London’s best kept secret… a cosy, divine cocktail bar deep in the heart of Londons coolest neighbourhood Shoreditch. But this isn’t just any standard cocktail bar. Oh no…This cocktail bar is…


My New York City Food Diaries!

Dear New York……I’ll never, ever get over you! Oh guys the rumours are totally true! I can confirm that the concrete jungle where dreams are made of is even more wonderful in real life than you could possibly imagine. I…


The New York Edition Hotel Review

New York, New York- that magical city that never sleeps.. But guess what, I have found the most perfect hotel for you that is going to make you wish that you could sleep for 1000 hours a night and more. When Leonardo DiCaprio…


30 places to visit before I turn 30 bucket list!

Okay it’s official, I’m getting old! This will be the last year of my twenties before I reach my dirty thirties this Christmas. Oh my GOD how is this happening? I honestly still feel about 12. Now you lot know me, and…


My highlights of 2018!!!

Oh 2018 you absolute dream boat!!!! I honestly thought nothing could ever top 2017. It was the year that I had my magical wedding of dreams and married my bestie, honeymooned in the Maldives (did you know I went there…


My top ten Maldives Island Resort wish list!!!

The only Monday Blues you will need to get stuck in too today is right here! I just can’t let go !!!! Morning everyone, I finally have my top ten Maldives bucket list ready for you and it’s an absolute…


Date night at STK London

All I want for Christmas is to go to a steak restaurant in London for less than a million pounds… And what do you know? Just like that The Bookatable Christmas Angels have done it again!!! They have sprinkled their…


The DREAM Honeymoon at The Maldives- Kuramathi Island review!!!!

In the words of S Club 7, I’ve never had a dream come true until the day that I….found you visited The Maldives!!! Ahhhhh I’m literally BUZZING with excitement as I write this blog for you. So as you probably…


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