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The Atlantis Dubai Hotel review!

It is with deep regret that I have to inform you all that the rumours are not true. Whoever told you that The Atlantis was a great place to stay is a liar!!!!!!!!!!!! Because it is SO MUCH MORE than…


Dubai Top Restaurants!

We came. We saw. We conquered. We Ate. And my god did we EAT HARD. I’m talking Violet from Charlie and The Chocolate factory style. Every day I got that littlllllle bit more inflated until I POPPED. Oops I did…


Magic at The One & Only Royal Mirage Dubai review!

Once upon a time in a magical land far far away… A land which was filled with soaring skyscrapers and twinkling lights to the left, and a crystal clear glistening sea to the right, there lived two very over excited…


Players Bingo Review!

Don’t hate the player hate the game!!! Well that’s what I kept repeating to myself last Thursday night when I left the fabulous Players Bingo without one single prize. I’m stupidly competitive at games and clearly a ridiculous sore loser…


Opening night at The Ballet!

Ever since Save the Last Dance blasted on to our screens I have fallen head over heels in love with the world of Ballet. I spent all of my childhood and teenage years attending dance school with the hope that…


The perfect mini break at The W Hotel Barcelona review!

I can vividly remember the last time I was in Barcelona. It was summer 2011, I was 21, loving life on a family cruise around the Med and having the most gorgeous day trip down Las Ramblas. The exact day…


Aperol Spritz Big Orange 100th Birthday Party!!!

This year Aperol Spritz turns 100… and we are ALL invited to celebrate!!!!!!!! This December I turn 30 eek (help), so naturally, eight months before the big day I have already started thinking about how I am going to celebrate…


Summer begins at Aqua Shard: The New Floral Five Menu!

Hello darlings, it is the evening of Thursday 16th May and as I sit here blogging to you snuggled on the couch in my PJs I am 50 stone heavier and 1000 times happier than I was this morning, and…


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