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My Baby Shower… The Pyjama And Pizza Party Of Dreams!!!!

Most people like to celebrate their baby showers by getting all glammed up in pretty dresses and having elegant and classy afternoon tea out in a civilised location. But nope, not me. You see, I couldn’t be bothered to get…


Ten Things I Have Found Surprising About Pregnancy!

So here we are. WE MADE IT!! I am officially NINE MONTHS PREGNANT!!!! OH MY GOD!!! Honestly, I cant quite believe it and feel so incredibly blessed and excited. But it’s strange. Whilst I think this pregnancy has totally totally…


The Second Trimester Diaries! Weeks 12- 26!

Oh hey darlings!!!! I’m sorry its taken me so long to get my second trimester diaries uploaded….I’ve been extremely busy honeymooning!!! Okay….. maybe I’m exaggerating….. ………A tiny bit……… ………Okay you’ve got me……. A LOT!!!!!!!! I mean……  This honeymoon has been…


My Guilty Pleasures When Travelling!

Innocent until proven guilty? That’s how the saying goes isn’t it?  Ummm no not in this case.  I’m full on guilty and i’ve been caught red handed. Oops!!! CUFF ME… TAKE ME AWAY. SEEEE YA!!! But before that…. ask me…


My Top Maternity Buys!

Hey Gang, I thought it would be really helpful to show you what outfits and products I have been wearing during Pregnancy so far. I’ve brought a few key pieces which I have literally worn to DEATH! But they are…


Summers Holiyay turns ONE! My Blogging Goals for 2020!!!

It hit me with a big bang yesterday that I have been blogging on Summers Holiyay for just over a YEAR, oh em geeeeee!! My 30th birthday celebrations totally took over the last few weeks, and this little mile stone…


My 2020 Bucketlist.. Around the World in 14 days!

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!! 2020… the roaring twenties!!! Wowwweee how exciting!!!! There’s something about the start of a new year that always sends my mind into absolute overdrive with my little brain wanting to burst with all of the excitement…


The Ned Hotel Review!

I can still remember the very first time I laid my eyes on The Ned Hotel. It’s a moment that will stay with me forever. I’d heard whispers the year it was opening that something very special was coming to…


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