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Teddy’s Library! Our favourite children’s books!

Growing up my entire childhood revolved entirely around reading and story books. No matter what time or day you would always find me under a pile of books in a world of my own. My mum said I was a…


My Third and Final Trimester Diaries!!

Hey everyone….Happy Sunday and day 1989886276767 of lockdown!!!! I think it’s about time we took a trip down memory lane……. …….To that incredible time where Covid 19 didn’t exist. A time where I was the size of an inflatable Malteaser.…


What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag For Labour: A Complete Checklist!

Oh my actual god, HI EVERYONE!!!!!! I cannot believe this is the first time I have sat down to blog in TWO MONTHS! It feels soooooo good to be back!!!! YIPPEEEE!!! I think it’s fair to say that in the…


How To Baby Moon At Soho Farmhouse!

Once upon a time there was a little big heavily preggers girl, who was whisked off to her dream country retreat Soho Farmhouse as a surprise in early January to celebrate turning thirty AND to have her final bit of…


My Baby Shower… The Pyjama And Pizza Party Of Dreams!!!!

Most people like to celebrate their baby showers by getting all glammed up in pretty dresses and having elegant and classy afternoon tea out in a civilised location. But nope, not me. You see, I couldn’t be bothered to get…


Ten Things I Have Found Surprising About Pregnancy!

So here we are. WE MADE IT!! I am officially NINE MONTHS PREGNANT!!!! OH MY GOD!!! Honestly, I cant quite believe it and feel so incredibly blessed and excited. But it’s strange. Whilst I think this pregnancy has totally totally…


The Second Trimester Diaries! Weeks 12- 26!

Oh hey darlings!!!! I’m sorry its taken me so long to get my second trimester diaries uploaded….I’ve been extremely busy honeymooning!!! Okay….. maybe I’m exaggerating….. ………A tiny bit……… ………Okay you’ve got me……. A LOT!!!!!!!! I mean……  This honeymoon has been…


My Guilty Pleasures When Travelling!

Innocent until proven guilty? That’s how the saying goes isn’t it?  Ummm no not in this case.  I’m full on guilty and i’ve been caught red handed. Oops!!! CUFF ME… TAKE ME AWAY. SEEEE YA!!! But before that…. ask me…


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