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Ummm is it too late to say HAPPY NEW YEAR HUNS!!??!! Oooooops. SORRY! Standard me… I know I’m absolutely 1002 days too late to be posting a new year new me goals post. But here we are. … better to…


The Magical ‘Jaques of London’ Toy Shop Review.

“Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity”. Whilst most parents will sigh and be filled with utter dread at the sight of a stack of colourful and bright toys taking over there (once) clean and tranquil show home,…


The Lockdown Baby! For all the mummies of 2020!

Hello everyone, to all my lovely friends. We did it. A YEAR in lockdown!!!!!!!! To everyone reading this. You are all super heroes. I don’t know how we got through it. But we did. We still are. One day when…


Why I started Blogging… Summers Holiyay Is Born!!

SUMMERSHOLIYAY IS BORN…. It was July 2018. We were half way through an incredible holiday at The Atlantis Dubai. The sun was sizzling. It was forty degrees. To my left, a gigantic pink tower was gleaming in the distance. Behind…


My 2021 Travel Hopes And Dreams!!!!

Happy Happy New Year to you all… my lovely and wonderful friends. OMG!!!! We DID IT!!!!! We actually made it!!!!!!! 2020…… You was exhausting. You was terrifying. You was unexpected. You was unpredictable. You was testing. You was tiring. You…


The TWENTY Things I Wish I Knew Before Labour!!!!!

The TWENTY Things I Wish I Knew Before Labour!!!!! So here we are. Nine months later. NINE MONTHS!!! Teddy has been out just as long as he was in, and my gaddddd what a hella of a ride it has…


Ten Things You Didn’t Know About London Zoo!

Happy December darlings!!!! Now we’ve got that silly lockdown down and dusted I think its about time we actually got dressed, brushed our hair and maybe left our house right? RIGHT??… Because guys a certain magical thing they call CHRISTMAS…


My Top Ten Books of 2020!!

My Top Ten Books of 2020!! ‘I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book.’ Oh JK Rowling, I just couldn’t agree more!!!!!!! So as you lot already know…Ive always totally and utterly ADORED books!!!!!…


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