Smiths of Wapping restaurant review with Open Table.

“I’m SO sorry…. would you mind repeating that?…. because it sounded like you just asked if I would like to review one of your fabulous companies restaurants and have a…… 


LOL I know, sorry that must be a mistake, i’m absolutely imagining it because that just sounds toooooooo good to be true… 

OH….you did say that? Erm YES, very very interested… When am I free? Ummmm…*play it cool, play it cool Sammy*

…. NOW????


Yep. Classy as ever.

But seriously.. I genuinely did a triple take when the incredible Open Table asked if I would like to collaborate with them, at ANY restaurant of my choice in London from their long as I reviewed the meal honestly for them. 

With the cherry on top being that it would be child free. Did I mention that?


So first things first… with such an overwhelming choice what was I going to choose?

Well, any one who has ever gone restaurant exploring on Open Table before will know that there are piles and piles of fantastic restaurants to choose from in every part of London imaginable. I genuinely was so spoilt for choice. 

However there has always been one restaurant that has been on my wish list and it was an absolute no brainer that I decided to dine at the iconic, the incredible… Smiths of Wapping.

So off we headed.. not a sticky ipad, sticker book or tractor in sight. Instead I swapped Teds Buzz Lightyear rucksack for my clutch bag that I haven’t seen since 2019, and I even rocked a CHUNKY BOOT.

Who is she??????

What is Smiths of Wapping?

But enough about me, lets get back to the main event…What is Smiths of Wapping and why did I choose her?

Now for us Essex lot, I don’t even need to explain… because Smiths is pretty famous. In fact it is renowned for being the place to be. Some might even call it the real deal. 

The restaurant is renowned for being one of the most famous fine dining fish restaurants in London. Thats a lot of f’s. And they have a sister restaurant in the heart of the Essex countryside. (Which is now top of my wish list).

Located in the most divine and central spot in Wapping High Street and on the corner of my favourite place in London- St Katherines Dock- the restaurant is 99% floor to ceiling glass windows- meaning by day you are in the prime location to watch the world and boats go by, and by night you have the sparkling Shard in the background. Utter perfection.

The location alone is what makes Smiths of Wapping an absolute unique and special showstopper of a restaurant that really stands out from the crowd because you feel like you are practically eating in The River Thames.

As you enter the restaurant, you can hear and feel the buzz the second you walk through the double doors. Smiths is a very fun and vibrant place to dine out, and it is filled with big groups of people on circular tables dotted around the restaurant. We went on a date night, and there were still lots of tables of two scattered around the restaurant too. It is such a huge place- with the beauty being that you never feel like you are on top of any one. Meaning you can gossip in pure peace.

What I loved the most about the restaurant, was how posh and old school it felt without being stuffy- because that is absolutely NOT a bit of me. The waiters were in pristine outfits and were so polite and attentive, constantly calling us ‘sir’ and ‘madam’. A stunning change from a high pitched ‘muuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmyyyyyy’. They made you feel like you was the most important person in the room. It was kind of like being on a cruise ship whilst still feeling really cool and modern.

Now I won’t sit here and lie to you all- this gaff is not on the cheap side. But I truly believe you get what you pay for- and Smiths lets its food do all of the talking.

And now… it’s time to fill you all in on a bit of an awkward secret… is it a bad time to tell you all that I don’t actually like/eat fish?


But before you all laugh your head off and ask me why the F I picked this restaurant let me present to you my STUNNING dish of lamb. Whose the smug one now?

Because yes, whilst Smiths is famous for its fish- they also have a lot more choice too- and there were big rumours going around that this lamb was TO DIE FOR. One wanted to get in on the action and I can confirm that yes, the rumours are in- fact true.

Paired with some boiling hot triple cooked chips and a bowl of mushy peas (PURE HEAVEN- I WANTED TO LICK THE BOWL) I would give the meal a solid 9 out of 10.

Hubs is way more adventurous than me and went for the Sea Bass with some creamy delphonaise potato, and tried to steal my mushy peas- bitchy. He was in pure heaven.

But it was the desserts. OH THE DESSERTS. That absolutely stole the show.

We were that annoying couple that wanted at least five things on the very overwhelming dessert menu, so made the poor waiter explain each one to us in great detail and made him rank them in his order of preference. Soz hun. (You see, I take my food reviewing job very seriously- this was all for you). 

After careful consideration we decided to choose the Apple Tartine (a posh word for a topsy turvy Apple Pie) and the Creme Brulee.


The Apple Tartine , which took 15 minutes to cook in the oven, came out perfectly steaming with a gorgeous crisp crust and sweet apples and ice cream resting on the top to compliment it.

Creme Brulee, which has always been my favourite dessert was my show stopper of the night. Complimented with my second favourite thing in life- shortbread biscuits- I was the happiest little girl alive.

With our tummies full to the brim, and after being wined and dined like true King and Queens we drove home to our snoring Teddy Bear counting down the days till we get to return. Next time I think I might book on a Sunday so I can try their famous Sunday roast!

Thank you for the AMAZING opportunity Smiths of Wapping and Open Table- this was a truly delicious experience!!!

*To book a table at Smiths of Wapping via Open Table please click here!*

Disclaimer- I was kindly invited to review this restaurant via Open Table. They kindly paid for this experience however all views and opinions are my own.

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