Ummm is it too late to say HAPPY NEW YEAR HUNS!!??!!

Oooooops. SORRY! Standard me… I know I’m absolutely 1002 days too late to be posting a new year new me goals post. But here we are. … better to arrive late than to arrive ugly and all that jazz!!!!

I mean did you lot seriously think I was going to enter a whole new year without writing a travel hopes and dreams post? Don’t be such silly billy’s. I knowwww, I knowwwwww. I can hear what you are all whispering  behind my backs… she calls herself ‘Summersholiyay’. LOLS. But hasn’t stepped foot on a plane since two thousand and never.

But guys. I can feel it.  Can’t you???? “I feel it in my fingers. I feel it in my toeeeees”. 

Come and sing with me- I can’t do this alone……

“Travels all arounddddd me, and so the feeling growsss”. (To book a million and one adventures that is).

So seriously, it’s been nearly three whole years, which basically feels like THREE MILLION years, since I set foot on a plane. And since then I have had a certain little rascal who I am just utterly DESPERATE to experience adventures across the world with. (Because I have a feeling his going to be the most incredible travel bestie in this world).

During these threeeeeeee (did I mention it was three???) years of being stuck firmly on the grey soils of our wonderful UK.. I mean last summer HUN WAS YOU OKAY????.. My bucket list (which was already disgustingly full btw) is now OVER FLOWING.. and there is just…

SO MUCH to see!!

SO MUCH to do!!

SO MUCH to show Teddy!!

SO MANY mojitos to be drannnnk!!

SO MANY sandcastles to be built!!

and so NO room for any more dreaded C word!! You can go now. And as my number one hun JoJo says…. Get out. Leave. Right now…

But dare I say it… the world seems to be changing for the better, spring is on it’s way and I can feel the hope, anticipation and excitement of people wanting to make plans.

So with that in mind I thought I would just word dump with you with all of the travel dreams that have been filling my head the last few years that I am BURSTING to share with you. I mean you guys know just how much happiness writing a bucket list brings me. It fills me with utter excitement, gives me something to hope dream and work towards and it allows me to daydream for hours on end- ummm not that I have hours to day dream any more- more like seconds- but WE MOVE.

OH- and I almost forgot to tell you the best part EVER!!! I am ridiculously excited to reveal that this years travel hopes and dreams post just got a whole bit of extra sparkle because it has been sponsored by one of the most incredible brands who I have been desperate to work with ever since Summersholiyay was born- Original Travel. I know- pinch me!!

So let me introduce you guys to this incredible Tour Operator. Original Travel have the knowledge and experience to book you a bespoke tailor made holiday, look after you with wonderful and personable service- and most importantly- they will take away all of the hard work and yucky Covid stress and paperwork- it’s what dreams are made of! I know that when we eventually book our first family holiday (hopefully, eek) this year we are totally desperate to book through them as we know we will be incredibly looked after and in such safe hands and ultimately that has become SO important in the travel industry now.

And with that in mind- they have kindly let us in on one of their best kept secrets and are going to be revealing what super exciting destinations they believe are going to be the hot hot hottttt places to travel this year below; meaning you can get in on all of the exciting action and finally make up for years of lost traveling time! 

So without further a do… I bring to yours truly five of my travel and holiday hopes and dreams that I will forever wish to come true. As well as Original Travel’s three trending 2022 destinations eek! And even if I get to tick just ONE of these off this year. Or next year. In 2025. OR IN TEN YEARS TIME. I will truly be the happiest and luckiest girl in the world!!

So buckle your seatbelts. LETS GOOOOO….


Let’s begin or should I say let’s GO to the beach beach… I have NEVER craved and been more desperate to bellyflop into a shimmering turquoise sea, sizzle under the sun whilst dangling off an inflatable pizza, read 1000 books whilst sipping a Fanta Lemon and getting a whole load of white bits on my wobbly bits. 

But yesss, I know I knowwwww, holidays aren’t ever gonna be like that anymore are they??

Ummm their going to (hopefully) be BETTER!!!!!! 

I am constantly dreaming about days in the sun with my rascal bear; building sand castle after sand castle that he will spend the entire time destroying, holding his sandy hand whilst plodding along the sea front together chatting utter shit, devouring 300 ice creams an hour, bobbing up and down in one of those ridiculous orange boats and waving to all the nemos. To be honest the thought makes me want to burst into tears- he has only been as far as Southend on Sea (soz hun) and has absolutely no idea that there’s a big and beauuuutiful world out there with SO many adventures to be had. Imagining his little face and hearing his ridiculous gasps (I swear the boy needs to go drama school already) will be the actual highlight of my life and I would just do ANYTHING to click my fingers and be transported to the island life. After the last few years we have all had, being a castaway a million miles away from home couldn’t sound more perfect. Oh and BTW… just to let you all know that if this ever happens I’m never ever ever coming home. Ever. The dog ate my plane ticket. Even though I don’t have a dog. K bye.


2021 was the year that Disney Plus became a hugeeeeee part of our family and I have been literally LIVING. FOR. IT!!!!!!! I have woken up every morning since crimbo day being violently attacked whilst Teddy head bangs me to ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’, Toy Story has been on repeat approximately 2942958847538475 times and I basically want to move in with Moana. What a massive hun. I always dreamed and wished for the day Teds would start to understand the utter magic of Disney and I can now see the excitement in his eyes when he watches his main men Buzz, Woody and Aladdin on the big screen. It’s sheer amazement. So to ACTUALLY IMAGINE the day Teddy and I are walking down Main Street with our Mickey Mouse Ears on gasping at the parade- makes me actually want to faint. Soz BRB cos I can’t actually cope. Oh also- Pixar nearly sent me over the edge when they emailed me last week to discuss their new TOY STORY CRUISE FOR 2023. I mean can you even deal? Cos I CAN. NOT. I genuinely don’t think I would be able to stay sane if we ever got to visit the castle and relive the magic of Disney with Mr Teds. But I am going to constantly carry on dreaming. After all- if you don’t have a dream- then how can you have a dream come true? I’M NOT SOBBING YOU ARE. 

LION’s & Tiger’s & Bears.. OH MY!!!!!

Ever since Antonio Madrigal barged thorough the doors of his bedroom of dreams and was taken on a cute lil ride on tiger back down a slide of hammocks and had maybe one of THEEEE most epic parties I’ve ever seen and wished to be at .. it’s fair to say Teds is hook line and sinker obsessed with all things ANIMALS. We can’t walk past a doggy on the street without a shrill of excitement so loud that it makes my foghorn voice seem timid, he can’t read a book without every animal noise under the sun being growled and roared at and now loudly says SHIIIIIIIIT every time he sees a sheep. Wonderful.

So with that in mind I think it might just be time for a Safari adventure. I know it would totally blow Teddy’s mind to see the big five one day and it is something that I have been absolutely desperate to experience for years and years. Imagining seeing the beautiful animals in their natural habitat would be out of this world. I cannot describe the amount of times I have gone onto Richard Branson’s Safari Lodge or the Giraffe Manor website and just stared and stared hoping that I might magically be instantly transported there and then as if I was in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. But alas, one day I pray I can experience it in real life with Teddy. I know right now he is probably a bit too young- so I’ll stick to my trusty Old Macdonalds Farm in Brentwood for now, but to go on a genuine Safari in a few years time would be a total true dream come true.

It’s Up to YOU..New York New Yorrrkkkkkk

I was watching that incredible documentary on the iconic Plaza Hotel this Christmas and then I suddenly got an extreme wave of excitement imagining strolling around Central Park in the snow, ice skating whilst holding Teddys hand, spending an afternoon running up and down the piano in FAO Schwartz and stuffing my face with Salt beef sandwiches in Katz Deli one day. New York totally has my heart and I am itching to get back after our incredible trip in 2018. I adored every second of it and now want to re-live the magic with Teds and see the excitement in his eyes when he takes in the wonder and charm of my favourite city in the whole wide world. 


No matter how incredible and dreamy all of the above sounds, the truth is, I’m just a girl, wanting to sit on a stripey deckchair, whilst munching on some soggy chips and nuggets in a paper cone. Oh and don’t forget the chocolate ice cream and flake in a tub with a plastic green spoon on the side. I genuinely cannot wait to take Teddy on his first proper British sea side break and am absolutely obsessed with the idea of spending a long weekend on the stunning sandy beaches our divine lil country has to offer. From what I have seen on the gram- Norfolk, Kent, Suffolk and Bournemouth are the hot places to be and there truly are some hidden gems that would give the Maldives a run for its money. I actually have my eye on the wonderful brand ‘The Pig’ because I have seen that they have the most adorable and quaint hotels dotted along the south coast that I would be so excited to try, but if any of you have any fantastic recommendations that are no more than two hours away from London/Essex please do let me know. We have some huge family celebrations this year with my dads 60th and sisters 30th on the way, so it would be incredible to try and do a little family weekend away at some point this year to celebrate. BRB just off to buy my bucket and spade.

But that is enough about me.

The supporting act is now complete and I am so excited to announce that is now FINALLY time for the main event and true reason why you are all here- so please give it up for Original Travel; who have kindly let us in on their best kept secrets. And here are all of their current 2022 trending destinations, which sound beyond incredible and are immediately being added to my bucket list!!

USA National Parks 

Did you guys know that it is the 150th anniversary of the world’s first ever National Park- Yellowstone this month? Making it the PERFECT year to explore the incredible and vast range of Americas wonderful National Parks. But before you roll your eyes at the thought of spending your holiday in a park- just know that the Americans don’t do Parks like us Brits do. You see it’s not just cute lil duck ponds, creeky see-saws and rusty old Ice Cream Vans. OH NO- the USA Parks are like the Rolls Royce of Parks. We are talking magnificent Waterfalls, Brown Bears, Mooses and Wolves strolling next to you, towering giant Sequoia Trees, stunning scenery and over 10,000 geothermal features including Geysers. Yep- now were talking. The Grand Canyon, Yellowstone and Yosemite are just a few of the jaw dropping spectacular locations you can visit and I can’t lie this trip is going straight to the top of my bucket list RIGHT NOW!!!!

(To book an incredible holiday at one of America’s National Parks with Original Travel click here).

Swedish Lapland 

Lapland has basically been on my bucket list since I was born- and now I have Mr Teds well it is firmly number ONE on my winter destination bucket list. And GUESS WHAT- there are now DIRECT flights from London Heathrow to Luleå, which is in the heart of Swedish Lapland meaning a trip to this magical magical winter wonderland has become so much more accessible. Can I get a WOOO HOOOO. I can already smell the hot chocolate, imagine the Northern Lights, feel the thrill of the dog-sledding and am already dusting off my imaginary snow boots. See ya in Deccers Santa.

(To book a magical winter wonderland at Lapland with Original Travel click here).

The Azores, Portugal 

In more exciting flight news, there are also now direct flights from London Heathrow to some of the best kept secret islands in sunny Portugal- The Azores. The Azores are a haven of nine remote volcanic Islands off the coast of Portugal which have some of the most dramatic scenery and best diving in Europe. They are truly stunning islands filled with historic treasures, breath taking views and rare and timeless beauty that are all perfect for a family adventure. I personally had no idea these incredible islands existed until I spoke to Original Travel, and since researching their exquisite islands I am now totally sold and adore the idea that each island, with its own charm and selling point is there to be explored. It’s like a whole secret world I had no idea existed and now I want IN on the action!!!!

(To book a exciting holiday to The Azores, Portugal with Original Travel click here).

So wow. There we have it. Thank you so so much to Original Travel for their fascinating insight- they have really opened up my eyes to some incredibly unique and exciting holiday ideas that sound beyond fun.

I also really hope that I have inspired you with my mini bucket list too because I really am praying that this year I can get back to doing what I do best- and taking you with me on all of my holidays and travels. And now I have my little Teddy Bear it would be so brilliant to prove that going away can still be luxurious and incredible when you have a family- and if anything it will hopefully be one million times more fun and magical. And I want you guys- my favourite family- to be alongside me all the way!!!

Loads and loads of love always

Sammy xxxxxxxxx

*This Blog Post was sponsored by Original Travel, but as always my words and opinions remain 100% honest.

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