The Newborn Essential List!!!!

Once upon a time there was a girl named Sammy, who slogged away for years and years to save money and build up a nest egg for her future. And then one day Sammy fell pregnant, had a Teddy Bear and blew all of her life savings on plastic hideous baby products within the first three months. Girl bye. THE END.

So here’s the thing guys. Having a baby is bloody wonderful. Literally the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Couldn’t live a second without you Teddy Bear hun… blah blah blahhhhhhh…….

But cmon…lets cut to the chase……


Will they need an entire new wardrobe that will fit them for all of four days?

Why of course. 

Will you then need to replace said new wardrobe every time they have a growth spurt? (News flash that’s every week).


Must you ensure they have at LEAST three different kinds of bed to sleep in…. all in the same house???

Well DUHHHH don’t be silly.

Since March 2020 I have now become the proud owner of 10,000 Boots points. And yes, whilst that is absolutely wonderful news, and hooraaaayyyyy to the free Liz Earl Cleanse and Polish, it also means that I have basically spent over a million pounds these last three months on items that get shitted on daily. 


I also used to take pride in the fact that my cosy little flat was spotless and basically resembled a show home. It was rustic and neutral, not a colour in sight, and now I have A PLASTIC BLUE AND GREEN JUMPEROO MONSTROSITY taking pride of place in the centre of my lounge, with songs I hear in my nightmares. And that’s not to mention the hideous and offensive noisy, colourful bits of s*** scattered about my house in every corner. What fun!!!!

For someone that is so small, he has certainly taken over and basically has full control of the houses, our lives, and our bank accounts.


But with the piles and piles of stuff taking over, what exactly did we find essential during those first three months? AKA THE SURVIVAL MONTHS. And still use now on a daily basis.

(Note to Sammy it certainly wasn’t the stunning wicker basket with a soft cream fabric mat that you wanted to ‘change’ Teddy in, because it matched perfectly with the theme of your flat. Said basket would have given your new born daily splinters whilst said cream mat would have been in the washing machine at least six times a day. Ooooops).

And what items did I totally not expect that I would be able to LIVE WITHOUT???

(Another note to Sammy. If you’re lucky enough to have another baby one day please make sure you actually buy the essentials on time (AKA a changing mat) rather than wasting a month deciding what nursery wardrobe door knobs to get. Having to change your new born of two days old on a kitchen towel whilst they are shitting out black tar on your cream carpet whilst a midwife stands over you writing notes was a low moment hun.)

And for any new mummies, or any future mummies to be reading this, I’m the first to admit that those first twelve weeks are BLOODY HARD!!! I have worked on live TV Shows with hellish bosses screaming down my ear, whilst obnoxious Z Listers demand all sorts of outrageous orders at the same time. But nothing and I mean NOTHING could have prepared me for the first few months of having a new born. We went through it ALL with Teddy. Reflux, no sleep for ten weeks. (That was fun) Poo explosions from every angle. (Still happens) getting wee all over our faces (yep still happens) A bucket load of tears (from me) and just a whole lot of daily outcries of ‘WHAT THE F*** ARE WE DOING????’.

But I promise you. YOU WILL GET THROUGH IT. Trust me if I can, you can.

So here we have it. I love a list and this is the list of dreamsssss. 

Call it a little pressie from me to you. From one sleep deprived mummy to another.

Ive got your back!!!! Always and forevs!

Screenshot 2020-05-02 at 18.33.30

(Disclaimer- There are a few items on this list that were kindly gifted to me. These items will all have a *** beside them. There are also some products with affiliate links, that will earn me a tiny bit of commission if you choose to purchase them. (It doesn’t cost you anything extra). All of the items on this page are products I’ve used a million times a day and as always, I will 100% tell the truth on everything!!)



I thought we would kick things off with the feeding section. Because my little bear is one hungry little piglet. And also because the second you become a mum your life entirely revolves around watching the clock and rushing your whole entire day/life to ensure that your little darling feeds EXACTLY the second they are supposed too. You will make yourself ten cups of tea that will get cold, you won’t have time to make lunch until 2087 , and your dinner will consist of frozen chicken dippers for 22 night in a row. Because you will be too busy burping and getting sicked on every ten minutes. (Also an FYI I have formula fed Teddy since day two so this section is for all you bottle feeding mummas).

Tommee Tippee Day and Night Perfect Prep Machine- Now let me begin by introducing you to the new love of my life. To be totally and utterly frank with you I could NOT live without this bad boy. He takes pride of place in my kitchen for a reason. This machine of dreams makes Teddy’s milk in two minutes. No faffing around with temperature, quantity and batch cooking. I honestly think this is the best £100 I have ever spent, and if you are formula feeding your baby please please trust me and make this your number one priority because it will save you SO much time. And time is of the bloody essence when you have a new born. (Every minute you get to yourself is sacred hahaha!)

Click here to buy the Perfect Prep Machine.

Dr Brown Bottles- Feeding Teddy said milk the first few weeks was HARD WORK. He had bad reflux and was sicking up more times than the Exorcist. I tried every brand of bottle under the sun but eventually found that the Dr Brown Anti Colic bottles were an absolute lifesaver. We used the small bottles for around a month before moving on to the bigger size which we are still using now at five months old. I recommend getting five/six bottles of each size so you only need to sterilise once a day. Because trust me sterilising is the absolute bane of your life and the most BORING THING IN THE WORLD.

Click here to buy the Dr Brown Anti Colic Bottle Set.

The Tommee Tippee Electric Steriliser- Speaking of sterilising, we brought this Tommee Tippee machine which has been absolutely excellent. At the click of a button it will get rid of all those nasty germs and make your bottles squeaky clean again in minutes. Phew. Hey maybe you can even make a cuppa tea during the process!?!

Click here to buy the Tommee Tippee Electric Steriliser.

The Milk- Aptamil– We give Teddy Aptamil one, and have stocked up on lots of the powder boxes. Trust me, you will get through this FAST. (I think we have been through about 30 boxes since March, and yes I absolutely wish I was joking) Those little piglets are non stop. Also since lockdown has eased up and I’m now spending more time out and about I use the bottle versions of the Aptamil milk to feed Teddy in the day, rather than having to faff about with powder and boiling water etc.

Click here to buy the Aptamil powder boxes.

Gripe Water- Teddy is such a polite little bear he doesn’t like to burp out loud. And yes whilst that’s absolute lovely, and what a gent you are, it is also ridiculously hard work when we are trying to burp him mid way through a feed. In the early days it would take up to an hour to burp him which was a total nightmare. But then at one month old gripe water CHANGED OUR LIFE. (You are not allowed to give to babies younger than 28 days). We give Teddy a spoonful before each feed and he now could give Jim from The Royal Family a run for his money. 

Click here to buy Gripe Water.

Muslins– When I was pregnant a very close friend of mine told me to stock up on 100 muslins, and ‘don’t worry about the design just get plain ones’ she ensured me. So what did I do? I ignored all of her advice and brought about five/ten, all with stunning designs which I ironed and folded into neat little piles in my hospital bag. Ooops. Big mistake. Teddy was born at 4.19am and by 9am that day I had already gone through each and every one of them. WARNING TO YOU ALL. BABIES SICK. A LOT. DON’T DO A SAMMY SUMMERS. LISTEN TO MY FRIEND. SHE IS VERY VERY WISE. The end. 

Click here to buy my favourite muslins.

Bibs- As above. We now go through about 29438478 bibs an hour. It’s so much fun. 

Click here to buy my favourite bibs.


Sleep? WHAT IS SLEEP????????

You know those text books that tell you that newborn babies spend around 20 hours of the day sleeping… IGNORE IT ALL. 

Just joking. Kind of. 

(I meant every word) 

But here’s the thing .. my sweet little rascal decided he really didn’t want to shut his eyes, loved being up and would get fomo twenty four hours a day. Wonderful. The knock on effect for this was a total shock to the system. Me and the hubs would be up all day everyyyy day. We went through about 500 Netflix boxsets during the night.To say I spent the first ten weeks looking like a grey haggard witch is an understatement. We was ILL with exhaustion. Didn’t no what time or day it was. 

What was my name? Who knows. 

Honestly in hindsight thank god for lockdown because there’s no way I could even string a sentence together let alone entertain guests at the beginning. Everything was a blur. But guys, I promise, there’s light at the end of the tunnel and eventually the worlds most hyper child decided ,actually, sleeps kinda cool and we now *TOUCH WOOD* sometimes get seven hours of unbroken sleep a night. PHEW. I don’t take a second of it for granted and fear that ant day he could regress and go back to the way he used to be. *Shudders*. But whilst our little munchkin is still enjoying his little shluffs.. what exactly could he not live without??

Screenshot 2020-03-27 at 12.45.57

Snuz Pod- I ADORE the Snuz Pod. Firstly because it’s actually really stylish and the least offensive ‘next to me crib’ I’ve seen on the market. It even has rose gold buttons.. I mean what more could a girl want? Secondly I love how this bed literally goes right beside me at night and I can open my eyes and see my little bear sleeping through the mesh. I cannot believe the difference from Teddy at day one, to him now. It makes me want to sob. We have loved and adored this product and have used it from the very first night he was home. It breaks my heart to think we only have another month left until he will no longer fit in it and will have to move to his big boy cot. I’m 100,000% not ready for that.

Click here to buy the Snuz Pod.

Cot-Now speaking of said cot, we brought the most STUNNING one from John Lewis on Black Friday. We won’t be using it through the night until Teddy is six months old but I thought I would show you guys anyway because its serious goals and if any of you needed inspo I honestly am obsessed with how gorgeous this one is! (I found a LOT of cots look like they have prison bars on them and are just uggggggly!) I know its a bit on the pricey side, but I figured his going to be in this every night for the next two/three years so we will defiantly get our moneys worth. Plus it turns into a day bed too!

Click here to buy our Cot of dreams!

Moses Basket- So whilst we used the Snuz Pod for night time… during the day I was obsessed with this basket of dreams from The Little Green Sheep. To say this went well with my flat decor was an understatement and out of every baby product I’ve brought so far this was by far one of my most favourite ones because its just so pretty and rustic. Teddy would adore napping in his basket, especially because it was so snug and cosy, and there was nothing better than watching him grow from a little newborn in it to a wriggly giant egg whose legs would basically hang out of the side by three months.

Click here to buy The Moses Basket.


The Monitor- BT Smart- I totally admit, I did not use a monitor until month four (mainly because lockdown caused Teddy to be attached to my hip and he would only sleep on my chest for three months, wonderful.) But thought I would add our brand to the list because the subject of monitors used to cause me a serious migraine. And I wanted to take your headache away for you. Knowing which model to get is a serious minefield, and also, lets’ not lie, its bloody boring to research.. why are their SO many to choose from??? I spent weeks researching which brand to buy, but in the end I ended up buying a monitor that over five of my friend recommended. Ladies and Gents I present to you, the BT Smart Monitor. Yes its purple and ruins every bit of styling I had planned for the Cot. But the picture is crystal clear, I can access the camera on my phone (and my hubby can stalk us in the day, cool) and the best part of all… a tech idiot like me can use it. Winner winner chicken dinner.

Click here to buy The BT Smart Monitor.

Blankets- One of my favourite things to do since having Teddy is collect gorgeous  blankets for him. We have about four or five that we adore Teddy getting wrapped up and snuggly in and used so much during the first few weeks to keep him all toasty and warm. I have linked my favourite ones below, which are honestly all soft as silk. 

TOP TIP ALERT: Teddy was SO unsettled during the first few weeks and would only sleep on our chest. After three sleepless weeks, I was going insane with tiredness and reached out to lots of people for advice. I got told to wrap blankets up and place them either side of him when he is sleeping so it resembled the feeling of being all cosy in the womb. It was a GAME CHANGER.

Click here to buy my The White Company Blanket, and The Little Green Sheep Blanket

Wedgehog– Having a baby that suffers from reflux is not fun. During those stressful first few weeks Teddy would have SO many sick ups after his milk I was worried he wasn’t actually keeping anything in him. We had many a night of putting Teddy to bed, for him then to be sick all over his sheets ten minutes later (even if we kept him upright for over thirty minutes after feeding). It was relentless and I was constantly in a panic over it. Especially because we were in the middle of lockdown and I couldn’t get any advice from midwifes etc. One of my best friends who had been through the same thing recommend we get the Wedgewood, which was a foam tilt we wedged underneath the Moses basket. It was absolutely wonderful because Teddy would then not be laying totally flat during his naps. It absolutely worked a treat- I mean don’t get me wrong he was still sick lots- but it was drastically reduced after using this product so I highly recommend getting it.

Click here to buy The Wedgehog.

Sleeping bag- Once Teddy hit two months he became the wriggle monster and would kick his blankets off high into the sky during his sleep. Fantastic. Just what I needed. I would have fear that he would kick the blanket over his face all day every day. BUT THEN… I discovered THE SLEEPING BAG. And my life was changed for the better forever and we all lived happily ever after.

So for reals.. these sleeping bags honestly work a dream. We have used the Tommee Tippee Soft Grey Gro Bag*** with a 0.2 tog throughout this summer and Teddy just adores it. 

Click here to buy The Tommee Tippee Gro Bag.

When it was a lot cooler I brought this absolutely gorgeous and soft ones which has the cutest star design. They are perfect for autumn/winter!

Click here to buy the warmer Sleeping Bag.

The Tommee Tippee Gro Egg 2***- This Gro Egg is basically our second child and we are totally attached to the hip. Any room you will find Teddy in, you can be sure that the Gro Egg is right there beside him. So what is this little egg I hear you cry? Well, let me tell you new mummies, this little pocket rocket will SAVE you from losing your mind with worry. It tells you the exact temperature the room is and has a colour system to advise if its too cold/warm. Then you can act accordingly and dress your babies in the appropriate clothes for the temperature, or add more blankets etc. We use our Gro Egg to advise us on what tog sleeping bag to put Teddy in every night and I couldn’t survive without it. This has been an absolute god send, and will be part of the furniture, literally, for years to come.

Click here to buy The Gro Egg 2.

White Noise Machine- I am going to be totally upfront with you. When I was pregnant and asked people what bits and bobs I needed, at least 98% of my friends screamed to me that it was ESSENTIAL we had a white noise machine. So naturally I had cute little Ewan The Dream Sheep sitting and waiting patiently to be used in Teddy’s nursery since last October. But nothing and I mean NOTHING would get that child to sleep for nine weeks. We used Ewan every night, praying that he would do his thangggg and get my child to, ya know, give us maybeeee an hour or so of rest. But nope, nothing worked. So whilst I can’t sit here and tell you that it was an amazing product for us, because quite frankly it made his cot look pretty but that was about it. I do know that most people swear by it, so we were probably just really unlucky.

Click here to buy Ewan The Dream Sheep. 

Dummy’s- I’m not too sure why dummies are such a taboo subject??? Teddy has loved and adored his since day one and it always soothes him to sleep, so in my eyes why would I deprive him of something that comforts him so much and makes him so happy?

Click here to buy The Tommee Tippee Soothers.


Eat, Sleep, S***, Repeat. So….lets cut to the chase, as a new mum you are going to spend A LOT of time beside your new best friend the changing station. Those first few months will feel as if you’re knee deep in yellow sticky mustard poo the majority of your day and if you have a boy, you will have the added bonus of trying not to get sprayed in your face. What fun. Gone are the days of being a classy independent business woman who looked the part in the office.. you will NOW find yourself wanting to dance around the house and celebrating if you’re childs poo manages to stay in their nappy rather than exploding on every body part they have and in places you didn’t even realise existed. So below are the essentials that I could not, and still don’t live without on a daily basis. Because girlies lets face it, those few minutes spent at the changing station is all about being prepped and SURVIVAL. 

Changing Table– First things first, you’re gonna need a surface to clean your little one up. Now, many companies sell a package when you buy furniture and you can get a matching wardrobe, cot and changing table. But I didn’t go down this route. I mixed and matched my furniture and I DIDN’T buy a changing table with the edges. If I’m being totally honest I don’t love them and found the edges quite restricting. I opted for a gorgeous chest of drawers and just put a changing mat on top of the drawers so Teddy can be free to kick around freely. Its as if I predicted the future because he is a total lunatic and the second he gets on the changing mat he thinks his at a house party and all sorts of ridiculous moves come out (cue me spending ten minutes trying to catch the flying poo from getting on the cream carpet). Changing time in our household is an event! Anyway I digress, I brought a gorgeous rustic chest of drawers from Dunelm which was an absolute steal at £299 and it fitted in with his room theme perfectly!

Click here to buy The Dunelm Chest of Drawers.

Changing Mat– Guys don’t be a Sammy Summers. She is a silly silly girl. Sammy Summers forgot to buy a changing mat because she was too busy buying wardrobe doorknobs and photo frames that have still been yet to put up. And guess what? Teddy arrived two weeks earlier than expected so Sammy Summers spent the first two days changing Teddy’s bum on the lounge floor over a kitchen towel whilst her stitches nearly fell out. Don’t be a Sammy Summers. But DO buy this gorgeous White Company changing mat. Said changing mat arrived two days later and changed Sammy Summers life.

Click here to buy The White Company Changing Mat.

Nappies- Trust me and believe me when I say you will go through THOUSANDS of nappies. Terrible and traumatic for the bank balanace, but oh so wonderful for the Boots points. Every cloud and that. The nappies I have sworn by are:

General day time nappies: Pampers Premium.

When you wanna show that cute tush off: Kit and Kit*** Animal themed nappies are beyond the sweetest designs and they make those soft peachy bums look even more delicious. 

Night Time: From around two/three months when Teddy actually slept longer than twelve minutes I have sworn by using Pampers Dry. They are total life savers.

Screenshot 2020-04-27 at 13.50.23

Water Wipes- Some people may choose to only use water and cotton wall to clean a babies bum at first. BUT SERIOUSLY. Have you ever seen a newborn poo? OH MY GOD. THE STATE OF IT.  Only a shit load of wipes are gonna clean that bad boy from their bum, and I believe that Water Wipes are the best in the biz for this because they are 99% water with no added ingredients. We’ve provably gone through 12 million since March, sorry environment. Teddy smells ya knowwww.

Click here to buy Water Wipes in bulk. 

Aveeno Barrier Cream***- The dream cream! Once a day we use this Aveeno cream on Teddys tush and so far it has worked an absolute treat and Teddy is yet, touch wood, to have suffered any nappy rash.

Click here to buy Aveeno Barrier Cream.

Tommee Tippee Nappy Bin- Right lets all be honest, taking the bins out is THE WORST. So why do our cute little ones seem to explode straight after we have done just that??? Tommee Tippee have answered our prayers and have made a cute little bin especially for nappies that disguises all the stinkiness so you don’t need to eat breakfast whilst breathing in that stunning aroma of poo. You only need to change the bags once a month too. What a result!!!!

Click here to buy The Tommee Tippee Disposable Bin with six refills.

Tommee Tippee Nappy Odour Spray***- Sometimes the explosions are that bad, that no bin is gonna hide the stench. I introduce you to The Tommee Tippee Nappy Spray- saving Sammy’s nose since March 2020.

Click here to buy The Tommee Tippee Odour Spray.


So there I was back in February planning a million and one adventures ..but meanwhile that vile and bitchy Corona went and absolutely smacked us head first in the face meaning I have basically spent the entire year living in pyjamas in my flat vibing Mrs Trunchball. On the rare occasion we actually left the house in those first few months the following items were my absolute lifesaver (And still are)….

Car Seat- Maxi Cosy Pebble Plus- Yep. I’m one of those smug mums whose child falls asleep the second he has been in the car longer than five minutes. Oh cmonnnn, don’t  look at me like that. Cut me some slack. My sweet little child didn’t sleep at night for NINE WEEKS, so please let me enjoy this moment. In fact I owe it all to the Maxi Cosy Pebble Plus, which must be so snug and comfy my little Bear just adored it from day one. I THANK YOU.

Click here to buy The Maxi Cosy Pebble Plus.


Tiny Love Car Mobile- So here’s the thing. The music from this hideous little contraption will appear in your nightmares. You will hear it on loop in the shower. Basically  EVERYWHERE YOU TURN. But will it occupy your little one and let you listen to Kisstory in peace for five minutes??? YES, yes it bloody will. SO DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR AND BUY IT!!!!!

Click here to buy The Tiny Love Car Mobile.

Joolz Hub Pram– Before Teddy was born the Pram World totally and utterly freaked me out and left me feeling soooo overwhelmed. Why were there SO many options/colours/sizes???? HELP A GIRL OUT!!! Well you know how they say you have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince.. well that kind of applied to me… but with my pram. We shopped and shopped, I hated them all, felt panicky and deflated, and then finally I saw the Joolz Hub and from that moment I knew it was the one. HA. For reals, this pram is so stylish, so light, so easy to steer and it seems so comfy that I, and Teddy, are totally and utterly in love with it.


Click here to buy The Joolz Hub.

Joolz Pram Umbrella– I have spent the last six months going on many a walk with Teddy Bear, and during these stunning sunny days the brolly has been a total and utter lifesaver. It matches the pram completely and stops the harsh sun from hitting Teddy’s face. 

Click here to buy The Joolz Umbrella.

Joolz Travel Bag and Changing Mat- Gone are the days of my Michael Kors cute lil clutch bags. My whole entire life now resides in this travel bag. I am officially Essex’s Mary Poppins. You need something… I’ve got it. This travel bag fits in the kitchen sink and more. But can we please just discuss why it still takes me around fifteen hours to pack Teddys bag, for me to then lug it out and then spend the whole entire day forgetting to open it and not using it!?! Any one else? So whilst I do feel like I now spend my life packing and unpacking this bag….Seriously… I spend more time with this bag than I do with my own husband, at least its stylish and matches the pram. Every cloud and all that.

Click here to buy The Joolz Travel Bag.


Playtime for a baby essentially goes a bit like this. Spend £50 on stunning colourful musical toy to help develop motor and sensory skills. Check. Decorate their nursery with the softest and most expensive beautiful teddy bears. Check. Child ignores said toys and squeals and screams delight whenever you put a bit of crumpled up old tin foil in front of them. CHECK. The end….

Baby Bjorn Bouncer- Without a shadow of a doubt this is the BEST £150 we spent on Teddy since he has been born. There is not a day that goes by where we don’t leave him chilling in his boujee chair for periods of time throughout the day whilst it allows us to go toilet/shower/make a cuppa in peace. The first few weeks when he was a little newborn it was adorable seeing him sweetly sitting in there, and now- fast forward five months- our lunatic child bounces so hard in it, one day I am seriously scared he is going to catapult through the roof. I promise you this chair is worth every single penny.

Click here to buy The Baby Bjorn Bouncer.


Baby Bjorn Toy- We were kindly brought the Baby Bjorn toy attachment which Teddy has grown to absolutely love and adore. We have named the three little bears Dave, Gary and Mark, and it is rather heartbreaking seeing Teddy chatting to them in his weirdo language all day long. Those poor bears don’t get a minutes chill.

Click here to buy The Baby Bjorn Toy.

Play Mat- Playmats are the absolute GO TOO for all newborns. I’ll admit, the first few weeks whilst we plonked him on the mat expecting him to show us some tricks but instead, he just laid there staring at us like ‘huns what you doing put me back in my Moses basket ffs’ I seriously didn’t get the point of it. But I was being totally impatient, because three months on Teddy starters to pull, hit and kick every single dangling toy with delight. It’s very cute and silly to see and he truly adores being on his play mat. We have this gorgeous one from The White Company which is also super soft for him to lay on. (He has also had many a great nap on this too).

Click here to buy The White Company Play Mat.


Tin Foil- THE BEST £2 YOU WILL EVER SPEND IN YOUR LIFE. I swear to god babies look at tin foil as if it is sacred gold that has been found in a mine that is worth 20 billion pounds. They will have hours and HOURS of fun, rustling around in this. (Wrap it around your play mat for a DIY sensory home experience) and the noise is NOT annoying or distracting. Not at allllllll. I promise. 

Click here to buy Sensory Tin Foil.

Bright toys- We added a couple of Lamaze toys to the play mat to ensure Teddy could see lots of bold, vivid and strong colours. The link below shows the ones that he absolutely adores.

Click here to buy Lamaze Toys.

Sensory Ribbon- Another cheap toy but an absolute must that will give your little one hours of fun and some more sensory experiences is a simple collection of colourful ribbons on a circular disc that you can hang from the Play Mat or tickle over their body. (Hats off to whoever invented this and is now a millionaire from putting bits of ribbon together, I’m well jel).

Click here to buy Sensory Ribbon.

Books- In our house hold story time is our favourite time of day. I have made it my duty to ensure Teddy grows up as the male version of Belle from ‘Beauty and The Beast’ and will forever read him stories to fuel his imagination and creativity. I have already made him quite the book collection and have written all about his favourite stories in this blog post. 


Football- For Fathers Day, Teddy brought his dad this little soft football, which has genuinely now become his favourite toy in the world. This little £5 ball will forever be remembered as the thing that made Teddy burst into hysterics, his first ever laugh, when the football was accidentally flung into his face. A moment i’ll never ever forget. (Yes my childs a weirdo).

Click here to buy the soft football.

Jelly Cat Teddy Bears- Although right now, Teddy would rather chew the ears off the poor and innocent Pandas, Bunnies and Bears than play with them right now, I am keeping everything crossed that in a few months time they will become his little best friends. And until then, well, thank goodness they are the worlds most divine teddies in the world and brighten up my day when I see them chilling in his nursery. I want THEM ALL!!!!!

Click here to buy The Jelly Cat Collection.


Musical Instruments- Teddy currently spends around ten hours a day practicing for his ‘School of Rock’ audition. His skills include a mix between shaking his maraccas, bashing his tamborine, and my favourite of all…playing the piano. Paracetamols at the ready. I’ll be that embarrassing mum front row of the theatre one day with a banner hunny.

Click here to buy Teddy’s Musical Instruments.

LED Light Display- So for any of you who follow me on Instagram you will know I don’t follow the norm when it comes to Teddy’s night time routine. Rather than a chill out session we flip the rule book and have a full on rave thanks to this incredible LED moon and stars flashing light machine. Teddy eyes light up in amazement as he follows the bright and colourful moon and stars moving across his walls whilst we dace the night away. 

Click here to buy The Moon and Stars light machine.


Bath time is without doubt the BEST time! Seeing Teddy splash around and squeal like a little dolphin in delight whilst little foamy bubbles rest on his egg head will never ever get old. I love how much he loves the water and seeing him in his little tub honestly makes me so excited for the day we get to go finally go bobbing along in the sea together in a little pizza inflatable. Heres what we can’t live without…


The Bath Tub- Shnuggle- Since his very first time in water at two weeks old Teddy has always had his bubbly baths in the Shnuggle Tub of dreams. These buckets come in so many gorgeous colours but we obviously had to get the boujiest gold design, which is fit for royalty- Hi King Teddy! I have been over the moon with this tub- Teddy adores it, the back supports him, and he has room to splash and kick around, whilst getting us totally soaked in the process.

Click here to buy The Shnuggle Bath Tub.

Bubble Bath***– Because what is a bath without a million and one bubbles? We have adored the smell of this Aveeno Body Wash and love that it has been made for sensitive skin. Teddy is beyond soft and silky once he has been lathered in this Aveeno oath heaven!

Click here to buy The Bubble Bath.

Thermometer- Its super important to ensure that your little ones bath is at the correct temperature, so its essential to have a thermometer with you at all times. We have this cute plastic one which Teddy plays with in the bath whilst we watch it like a hawk.

Click here to buy The Bath Thermometer. 

Mustela shampoo- The first few weeks of Teddy’s life he had terrible cradle cap, which essentially is dry skin on the scalp. Then we found this dream shampoo Mustela, and I promise you, the second we starting using it the cradle cap completely disappeared. It is pure MAGIC and worth every penny. It has still lasted us five months later!

Click here to buy The Shampoo.

Infantino Ducks– We have hours of fun with these little babes. They are a proper part of our family now.

Click here to buy The Ducks.

Hooded Towel- We have three absolutely gorgeous hooded towels that we use to snuggle Teddy up in once we get him out of the bath. Seeing him wrapped up as a Panda/Winnie The Pooh will always break my heart into a million and one pieces.

Click here to buy the soft and lovely towels we use on Teddy.

Childs Farm Coconut Massage Oil- Because when Corona stops you from going to the beach, bring the beach home.

Click here to buy the Coconut Oil.

Nail file- Teddy’s nails grow quicker in two days than mine do in two years, and I absolutely wish I was joking. The thought of using scissors on his sweet little fingers makes me shiver with fear, so thank goodness for this incredible invention- a nail file for babies!!! Honestly, this is the best ten pounds I have ever spent and I still use this five months later so you really get your moneys worth!

Click here to buy the Nail File for Babies.

Baby Moisturiser*** – I absolutely adore the Aveeno Moisturiser and it makes Teddy’s skin feel as soft as silk.

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So wowzers, there we have it. I hope I have managed to cover most categories for you, and if you are a new parent I hope I have stopped you from feeling that huge wave of over whelming FEAR. 

Trust me I’ve really really been there. 

In fact as I write this blog Teddy is nearly six months old. Which means… hello total new wardrobe/season, hello new high chair, hello new weaning equipment, hello new big boy cot and hello new big boy pram. I feel sick and overwhelmed already writing this sentence.

For such little monsters they sure do need a hell of a lot of stuff don’t they!!!!

Good job their bloody cute I suppose!


Also just to say, this list wasn’t all brought before Teddy was born. Far from it actually. We built up this whole collection of items as the weeks went along so pleaseeeeee do not panic and feel like you need to buy 100,000 things before your little ones arrival. Essentially all they need is a bed, milk, and lots and lots of love to be happy and everything else is an added bonus. I mean it.

Thank you so much again for reading my blogs, your support means the world to me and more!

Love you all,

Sammy xxxxxx

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  1. August 21, 2020 / 9:54 am

    Oh my gosh! What a list! So useful! I’m going to send this to my Sister-in-Law who’s expecting R x

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