How To Baby Moon At Soho Farmhouse!

Once upon a time there was a little big heavily preggers girl, who was whisked off to her dream country retreat Soho Farmhouse as a surprise in early January to celebrate turning thirty AND to have her final bit of relaxation before she had a baby. It was three days of pure heaven and its fair to say she lived happily happily ever after!!!!!!!


Yay! I’ve been SO excited to write this blog post for you all, and to relive the best babymoon I could honestly have ever wished for. When I became pregnant and knew that over my 30th birthday I would be seven months pregnant and too far gone to fly on a long haul adventure, I secretly wished and hoped that we would be able to come back to the fun farm of dreams.

To me, Soho Farmhouse is the real life version of Cinderella’s Castle in fairytale land. It’s the crem de la crem of retreats in the UK, and I personally believe that you’re not going to find better service, more stunning luxurious accommodation, delicious food or fun activities like it. It basically is an Adults Disney land… but, you just need to replace the rides, characters and oversized hotdogs with crackling log fires, cosy woodland cabins and a few little piggies roaming around. 

Perfection? I think so.

SO.. here are my top ways to enjoy the perfect baby moon at Soho Farmhouse. 

(But don’t worry if your not preggers and just looking to book here for a fun weekend away all of this still applies and you will have the best time ever regardless of your tummy size!!!)


  1. Getting a cabin of dreams!

You truly cant go wrong for accommodation at Soho Farmhouse. There are endless options for rooms which all range in price but they are honestly all so gorgeous with that classic farmhouse rustic touch. Ive been lucky to already experience their cosy ‘piglet rooms’ (which are classed are the more affordable accommodation option) and the stunning ‘one bedroom cabin’ last March (which by the way I never wanted to leave.) But OH MY GOD, Wayney and my family really pushed the boat out with this trip and booked for us to stay in the three bedroom house or should I say MANSION of dreams. It literally made my whole entire trip and I honestly would have been happy if I never left the house and spent the duration of the stay inside those four cosy walls, it was THAT amazing.


Theres no better feeling than pulling up to your new ‘home’ on holiday is there?? I adore that anticipation and excitement building up inside you as you approach your new humble abode. And this was by far the most I have ever wanted to physically scream out loud in shock. The six of us were taken by a milk cart (sob) to our new mansion sitting by the lake and I just wanted to cry. I mean have you ever seen anything as stunningly perfect? If you could sum up Sammy Summers dream home it would be this. We genuinely could have been living at The Hamptons. 


As the front door swung open we all screamed in excitement and ran around the house like lunatics, choosing our bedrooms and soaking up all of the incredible details. There wasn’t a corner of that house that wasn’t divine. The bedrooms were bigger than my entire flat, with each one featuring a roll top bath of dreams, gigantic shower filled with delicious Cow Shed Products, a bed that must have been a triple King size and a sweet little outdoor balcony with deck chairs overlooking the tranquil lake. Perfection. 





The central hub of the house was my favourite part and it consisted of an open plan lounge/dining/kitchen area which was ridiculously cosy with an open crackling wood burner, the comfiest of sofa areas to sink into, a gorgeous kitchen filled to the brim with treats for us including home baked cookies and the brownie of dreams, and a book case. I adored it with my whole entire heart. 



On holiday it usually always takes people a few hours/days to feel settled, but I can honestly say that within ten minutes we had turned the house into our own and I genuinely felt like I had lived there my whole life. 

During our time at Soho Farmhouse we did a lot of fun activities (which i’ll talk about more below) but I can hand on heart say that my favourite memories of the trip are without doubt from our time spent in our cabin. After dinner and drinks out we all couldn’t wait to get back to our ‘home’ where our crackling fire awaited us. We were up until 2am in our pjs dancing, singing, eating our hearts out and playing over a million rounds of UNO and I will forever cherish those memories. 




Saying goodbye to that cabin literally broke my heart into pieces.

Until next time Cabin 32 of dreams.


When my family went home, my amazing hubby surprised me with an extra night at the farm as our final little ‘us’ time before the little one. 

We moved into the BEAUTIFUL one bedroom studio cabin, which is just such a dream and the perfect generous size cabin if you are staying at the farm as a couple. Of course my favourite part about it was waking up, getting straight into that fluffy robe, scoffing brownies by the fire (before breakfast duhhh) and then diving head first into that tub of bubbly dreams.


I truly believe that splashing out that tiny bit extra on a stunning cabin or house at Soho Farmhouse will make your holiday no less than perfect. And especially for a baby moon when you are feeling like a waddling whale and just want to relax and not move a muscle, there is literally no reason to leave your cabin if you don’t want too. Please take my word for it, I pinky promise you that you WILL have the perfect holiday. (Espesh in Cabin 32, if you’re ever lucky enough to stay there please think of me, sob). 


2) Cow Shed- the ultimate Spa.

Whats the first thing you should do when you are on babymoon?…..

……Well what a silly question… isn’t it obvious?

You need to get into a ridiculously oversized fluffy dressing gown and be pampered like the QUEEN you are. 

And I can confirm there is no greater place in the UK to sink into relaxation mode than the Cowshed Spa at The Farm. 

After the over excitement of exploring and settling into our cabin on our first day it was finally time for us to chill. The whole gang got escorted to the cowshed spa as the sun was setting… it was massage time woohoo!

Now, when I have visited a spa on holiday before I usually always go in the morning or in the middle of the day, and this was my first ever time getting treatments in the dark. It felt like a whole brand new experience, and actually made me feel extra relaxed as I transitioned from day to night mode. 

At the Cowshed before your treatment you will be ushered into their luxurious relaxation area where you can chill out to relaxing music and take in the spas pretty surroundings.



I was lucky enough to experience a pregnancy massage, which was so dreamy and put me into a total tranquil trance by the time the treatment was over. I was in no rush to leave the spa so hung out in my robes for a good half an hour after soaking up the peaceful atmosphere and I felt like I was in heaven. This is what baby moons are all about!


I adored the Cowshed so much that I went back the next day to get my nails done. (It was my first time having them painted since being pregnant, I spent seven months looking like a total scruff bag so this was an absolute treat). And oh my god, never in my life has getting my nails done been so relaxing. I mean lets face it, usually you are slouched over an uncomfy hard table and chair having to make annoying small talk with a total stranger. 

But oh no, not at The Cowshed. 

At this spa you are ushered onto plush leather chairs, whilst a giant soft pillow is placed on your lap and the therapist does all the leaning forward and hard work whilst you can recline back, shut your eyes and enjoy half an hour of ‘you’ time. I mighttttttt of fallen asleep whilst waiting for my nails to dry I was that relaxed.

A visit to the Cowshed is totally a baby moon bucket list goal, and you amazing mummies to be absolutely deserve every second of being pampered!!!!

(Just to add- there is also a stunning indoor and outdoor pool area at Soho Farmhouse, which would be so much fun to visit too- but we went in early January, and I truly couldn’t face the cold… (Okay that’s a lie, I forgot to buy a maternity swimming costume and there was no way my big bulging belly was fitting in anyyyyyyy of my old summer bikinis. …. hell no H 2 0 !!!!!!!)


3) Food Glorious Food

Lets face it, if you cant be a number one piggy when you are pregnant then when can you?

And if there is anywhere that does food that is so good it might make you cry, its Soho Farmhouse. FACT.

To say I ate like a queen during my Baby Moon would be an absolute understatement. 

Did I put on another 100 stone whilst there? Absolutely. 

Do I have any regrets? ZERO.

So where to begin? The food options are absolutely endless.

In your cabin alone you will be stocked up with a whole load of sweet and savoury treats meaning you will never go hungry. And yes that might have been me devouring a chocolate brownie at 8am. No judgement here please and thanks.


Now let me quickly break down your food options at The Farm for different meal times. 


During my stay at Soho Farmhouse I have experienced two wonderful and unique starts to my day.

Firstly the breakfast buffett at The Barn. Now sadly you are not allowed to take photos inside, but I will try and paint a picture for you. Close your eyes and imagine a ridiculous feast consisting of pancake stacks, crispy waffles, fruit platters featuring every colour of the rainbow, every pastry imaginable, fresh yogurts, sizzling sausages, bacon, any egg of choice, and the most divine fruit juices of all time.

Oh my, we were obsessed! And of course were absolutely that family that had about twenty plates covering every inch of the table. The barn is also a really cosy and beautiful venue with the most buzzy and fun atmosphere and it’s a really fun place to kick off your day at the farm. 

However, if you are feeling extra lazy and literally cannot be bothered to get dressed. (You are on your baby moon- if there’s any time to stay in PJS till lunch its now) then Soho Farmhouse has you covered. Instead of you trekking to get food, they bring breakfast to you. But this is a room service with a twist, as your breakfast is physically hand cooked for you from scratch outside your cabin in the cutest little camper van I’ve ever seen. 


The 2018 skinnier Sammy.


I know, I’m not crying, you are.

I absolutely urge everyone to experience this breakfast set up of dreams. There is seriously nothing better than soaking up every second of your cabin, whilst in your fluffy dressing gown, overlooking the tranquil river and being treated like king and queens in the comfort of your own home. Soho Farmhouse really do know how to spoil you!


If you still have room in your tummy for lunch (HAHA just joking….. obviously you do) then I’ve got you covered. The lunch options on the farm are endless!!!

You can venture back to the barn for a warm and hearty ‘gastro pub’ themed meal in a cosy and relaxing setting, or you can go to the new ‘Hay Barn Restaurant’, which serves divine pizzas and pastas in an airy huge conservatory with a very chilled atmosphere. There is also a cute little small restaurant on the main courtyard which is sometimes open for lunch, although I’ve not eaten there, and if you fancy a smaller meal then you can head to their deli where fresh mini bites and salads are served, which looked and smelt so dreamy. 


But one of my favourite parts of my baby moon was visiting their ‘Sunday Feast’ at the Barwell Barn, and if you guys are lucky enough to visit the farm over the weekend then make this restaurant your TOP PRIORITY. 

Similar to The Ned and Cecconis back in London, (which you all know I’m a die hard fan of) the Sunday Feast at the farm allows you to have the most stunning roast dinner with all of the trimmings, along with a incredible selection of starters and desserts for lunch. When we arrived on the Sunday this was the first place we went too and it truly kicked off the weekend with the biggest bang.


The setting was stunning, the food was incredible and endless, and the atmosphere was so happy and relaxed. As I sat there devouring my 10th plate like an absolute piggy I truly felt in food heaven and there was no more perfect place to start the baby moon celebrations!!



Although you can stay as relaxed as you wish, I adored getting all glammed up for dinners out on the farm (knowing it was probably one of the last times I could be bothered to put on an outfit that wasn’t my pyjamas haha).



On our first night we had a big family dinner (and yes, this was after the Sunday feast, why are you being so bitchy?) back at the main barn which is totally transformed at night. Come evening, the atmosphere in the barn is an absolute dream. The lights are dimmed, candles are flickering everywhere, the fireplaces are loud and crackling and it is without doubt one of the cosiest and romantic places in England to dine out at. Putting the setting aside, the food is just to die for. Most of my family opted for the ‘dirty burgers’ which they all devoured like little piglets, and I went for the roast chicken which tasted as soft as butter. And for desserts we all shared a combination of fresh apple crumble, sticky toffee pudding and THAT melted cookie. (Those of you who have been to the farm know exactly what I’m talking about oh my days).

Our family had left on the second night, so for me and Wayney’s final date night we went to the super trendy Japanese al fresco ‘Pen Yen’.


This might be one of my favourite restaurants, like ever. And if you go to the farm please make sure you visit this divine place. It has a totally different atmosphere to the Barn, with a very cool and buzzy feeling. And the food, well put it this way, we were in absolute heaven. (We weren’t allowed to take photos sorry!!)

So if you are a huge foodie like me, and the idea of a perfect baby moon is stuffing your face all day and night long, then Soho Farmhouse is the PERFECT destination for you.


If you still have some spare time in between all of that scoffing then Soho Farmhouse has a ridiculous amount of activities on offer for you to enjoy. 

One place I totally regret not visiting is their stunning Electric Cinema. Although we had a sneaky peek inside, and oh my gosh the interiors are just so classically beautiful, we did run out of time to actually watch a film here. This is totally on my bucket list for next time we come back, and I think it would be the perfect place to spend a day whilst on baby moon.

Soho Farmhouse also has the most ridiculously fun mini golf course, which is the perfect place if you want to get some ‘exercise’ but in a slow paced and hilarious way.


And the best bit of it all- you have the worlds most cutest audience in the form of mr and mrs piggy and their little family cheerleading you on whilst you play.


Another amazing activity you can do at the farm is horse riding, which I DO NOT recommend when you are pregnant, in fact they most defiantly wouldn’t allow you to take part in I’m sure. But for those of you coming on a spontaneous weekend away rather than a baby moon, this is a serious bucket list moment!


There are plenty of other fun activities including a whole load of yoga and gym classes, but I cant comment on any of these, because this is me we are talking about, your number one lazy bum who hasn’t been on a run since 2002.


So here is my final tip as to how you can enjoy the most perfect holiday at Soho Farmhouse.

Do nothing. Nothing at all.


Yep you read that right.

You are on YOUR baby moon hun, this might be one of the LAST times you can enjoy the privalidge of doing nothing. Aahhhhh doesn’t that just sound stunning.

And by doing nothing I mean, going on relaxing walks soaking in the countryside air at a slow pace whilst putting the world to right with your loved ones, going to visit the adorable farmyard animals on the site and spending a good twenty minutes stroking the sweet horses who love love love the attention. Or why not curl up on the sofa reading that book you promised yourself you would finish a year ago? Have a bath that is so long your body is legit a prune on the supermarket shelf. Or finally, and this was one of my favourite parts of my babymoon, get cosy by that crackling fire, kick those shoes off, order that afternoon tea and then spend three hours playing UNO with your holiday partners until you all end up in a severe fight (True story, we have a lot of sore losers in this family) 

Or until you fall asleep with your glasses hanging off your head. Keeping it classy as always dad.


So there we have it, my top five ways to spend the most perfect few days at Soho Farmhouse, whether it is for a babymoon or just for some general relaxation. 

I really hope this shows that you don’t always need golden sands or sparkling seas to enjoy celebrating your darling little one to be. Sometimes all you need is a roaring fireplace, a sweet cabin in the woods, a pile of freshly baked brownies and a bunch of little piggies. And I promise you, you will have the time of your life!


I hope you guys have enjoyed reading this blog!! Tell me, if you could go any where for your baby moon where would you choose? And if there are any gorgeous mummies to be out there who are currently looking to book a baby moon I truly hope I have inspired you! 

Thank you again for reading my blogs, your support means so much to me! I am currently sitting here at 38 weeks pregnant and have no idea what awaits me in the next few weeks which is oh so terrifying but just ridiculously exciting too! 

And on that note…I’m off to make a cuppa and a biscuit! 

Love you all,

Sammy xxxxx


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