Dubai Top Restaurants!

We came. We saw. We conquered. We Ate.

And my god did we EAT HARD. I’m talking Violet from Charlie and The Chocolate factory style. Every day I got that littlllllle bit more inflated until I POPPED.

Oops I did it again. But do I have regrets? Absolutely zero.

Look I did it all for you guys (well that’s what I keep telling myself) so I could show you allllll the best places in Dubai to visit. And every place on this list has been tried and tested by yours truly.

And my goodness are you in for a right treat.

So lets get stuck in shall we…..



(Perfect for date nights, or getting glammed up to the nines with your bestest squad).


(Location: One & Only Royal Mirage)

You may not need to be an actual celebrity to dine here, but my goodness will you feel like a super star.

From the moment you walk down the sweeping marble staircase and enter the most dazzling dining room fit with crystal chandeliers and floor to ceiling windows you know you are in for a night of dreams.


Now dining at Celebrities was my first EVER experience of fine dining, and it was one of the most special nights of my holiday. As you know I’m usually the kind of girl who would rather a stacked plate of Nando’s peri chips and chicken over small dishes from a posh restaurant any day of the week. But this night was something special and totally unique and I just need you guys to experience it for your selfs.

The setting and ambience alone is enough to make you gasp and whilst you devour beautiful food, stunning jazz music plays subtly in the background whilst attentive and kind staff attend to your every need and make you feel like an A Lister. And whilst the portions were not humongous the taste of each dish was so divine I was surprised that I actually did feel full up by the end of the night. 


But Celebrities is not just an evening jaunt. Oh no. It’s so much more than that. In fact it will forever go down in the Summersholiyay record of BEST BREAKFAST EVER. I seriously hand on heart don’t know how I will ever have a breakfast like it again. But listen don’t come here for brekki unless you’re prepared to put on ten stone. (Or maybe just don’t order as much as us, that might be a better idea). 

Can you imagine the scene, you have the whole day of sea and sand ahead of you and your planning your next fun adventure whilst sitting against the tall stunning glass windows that shine in the morning light, you are offered stacks and stacks of divine food including french toast, butter waffles, delicious pancakes, eggs of any choice, the most colourful of fruit salads and soft as butter pastries. I promise you, you will not regret this even if you do feel like a beach whale for the rest of the day it’s totally worth it.




(Location: One & Only The Palm)

They say save the best till last, and my goodness that saying has never applied to me more.

On our very final evening in Dubai we ventured to the famous 101 Lounge at One & Only The Palm. This restaurant is renowned for being ultra glamorous, ultra sexy and ultra delicious and it was all of said above and more.


Although technically it is part of the hotel, it actually rests on its own pier on stilts. (I know) so you dine in the middle of the sea looking out to the shimmering city skyline. The views are like nothing I have ever experienced in Dubai before and is absolutely out of this world.  Even if the food wasn’t great, the setting and ambience is enough reason alone to visit. But don’t worry the food totally blew us away giving this restaurant the subtle score of 101/10. (See what I did there?!?)


 The 101 Lounge is famous for its seafood, hence the location of being in the sea, but because silly me doesn’t like said seafood I opted for the steak and wow wow wow it was PERFECTION. To top it all off I ordered the profiterole for dessert which came out on a plate that was bigger than my head, and if that’s not the perfect way to finish off our holiday of dreams then I don’t know what is to be honest. 


Also make sure you stay after dinner for cocktails on the decking. You’re feel like a total rockstar. And its also quite a fun spot to people watch, as this restaurant attracts a very glamorous crowd.

(* For those of you who are staying at the Royal Mirage and wish to travel to The Palm to dine, you receive a complimentary shuttle boat to the restaurant, and it is beyond special).


(Location: Atlantis, The Palm)

You can’t come to Dubai and not visit our main man Gordon Ramseys Bread Street Kitchen. 

Until I ate here I had actually never experienced one of his restaurants, soz hun! But I was totally blown away at how delicious his food was. Bringing a taste of England to Dubai this restaurant specialises in those classic hearty meals that warm you from the inside out such as Beef Wellington, Shepherds Pie and Burgers mmmmm. We love it here so much that we have been three times, and each time ensured we would try something new as the menu has such fantastic options. The desserts are an actual dream too!

What blew me away the most was the setting of the restaurant, it felt as though we were dining in New York in the 1920’s, which is one of my favourite time eras. Think comfy leather booths, dim cosy lighting, glass furniture and bricked walls. This restaurant is also a lot more casual compared to all of the others I have mentioned so far, so if you need a night off from the six inch heels this is the place for you.

Well done Gordon, you’re the man!!!!



(Location: Atlantis, The Palm)

If you’re looking for a steak night of dreams then look no further than Sea Fire. This New York inspired steak house, with meats from as far as Australia is absolutely divine. This is a really huge fabulous restaurant which boasts an open kitchen and a real buzzy atmosphere and the steak here was just top of the range. And don’t even get me started on the desserts because I absolutely died and went to heaven. Just be warned, the meat sweats are a real thing. So I strongly recommend a walk after dinner. Your welcome.


(Location: Atlantis, The Palm)

So basically you have to come to this restaurant for the sweeping grand staircase alone. It is total Cinderella vibes!!!


But for reals.. this restaurant is absolutely DIVINE. The food is a real mix of all the best dishes from the middle east, which you just have to try when in Dubai, and it is just heavenly. I mean the smile on my face says it all really.


The ambience and setting  of this restaurant is really classy and modern, but it has such a fun atmosphere too as they have entertainment such as belly dancers and sax players. They aren’t in your face but instead provide the perfect backdrop for a romantic dinner setting. As far as food goes, this was a million percent one of my most yummy meals.


(Perfect for feeling that sea breeze, whilst dining under the stars).


(Location: One & Only Royal Mirage)

“As I (tried to) strut across the bridge that ran across the middle of  the sparkling shimmering turquoise water I genuinely felt like I was in a music video”. Sammy Summers- June 2019.


So guys welcome to Eauzone. I mean wow. Just wow. 

This beautiful and glamorous restaurant sits over the water, and diners get the choice to sit outside on the decking or inside its vibey restaurant. (My Hagrid hair wouldn’t allow me to sit outside when the humidity was 100, but next time, next time. )

I honestly adored this restaurant. It’s the perfect place to get all glammed up and feast yourself with divine Asian food. I tucked into stunning vegetable spring rolls, spicy edamame, chill chicken and shredded beef, which was just so tasty, and we spent the rest of the night sipping cocktails overlooking the prettiest of settings. Eauzone is peaceful, pretty, but so boujee all at the same time and I absolutely recommend this in a heartbeat.


(Location: One & Only Royal Mirage)

There is something about dining outside al fresco when on holiday that I just adore. Probably due to the fact that we all spend 355 days a year stuck inside staring at rain falling outside in the silly UK. So when I’m away I just can’t get enough of the fresh outdoors and feeling that sea breeze on my face.

And this is why the Beach Bar and grill is now one of my favourite restaurants in Dubai. It is situated on decking overlooking the beach and the incredible city skyline, so whilst your tucking into the most delicious grilled food (steaks, seafood etc) your views make the night one to remember.


Its a really special and romantic place to come on a date night, and equally its a brilliant place to come in a group. I would say this is a very peaceful and relaxed restaurant where the views and food take centre stage, and the hours just fly by whilst your living your best life eating the most delicious food. After dinner I would walk barefoot along the beach towards the Jetty Lounge which is a ten minute walk away, and finish the night by drinking cocktails on a bean bag in the sand. Did someone say perfection?



(Location: Beach Club next to One & Only Royal Mirage)

Okay I know, this technically isn’t an evening meal. But when I have experienced the worlds best tacos I’ve ever tasted in my life it would be extremely rude not to include them in this blog, so I think you will forgive me.

So  you lot already know my thoughts on Drift Beach Club…its an absolute vibe and one of my best days i’ve ever had out in Dubai, but what I was NOT expecting was their lunch menu to blow me away. Now I know what you are all thinking, when you go to a day club its all about the drinks not food, you don’t wanna get bloated etc etc… RIGHT LISTEN UP. It is an absolute crime if you all do not try the tacos. I mean it. We were in pure heaven. I could have devoured 100 in a row they were that good. Plus the restaurant setting is really beautiful in the middle of the club, and right by the DJ booth so you still feel in the middle of all the fun. And I’m sure the rest of the menu is fabulous too…..but i’ll never know because those tacos are just life.

Did I mention the tacos were good? K bye.



So this is my roundup of my favourite restaurants i’ve had whilst living my best life in Dubai, which was hard to write as there are so many i’ve had to leave off. Put it this way, when you come to Dubai you’re not going to go hungry.

There are such a ridiculous amount of stunning and fun options, and it seems like every other day a new fabulous restaurant opens, so that’s an excuse to keep going back for more and more. Don’t you agree?

So I thought to finish things off I would list below some fabulous places that are on my list for next time. Because there will be a next time! And some fabulous bloggers friends of mine also gave me some wonderful recommendations that I want to share with you!!!

Nusr- Et – The iconic steak house which is also known as Salt Bae is renowned for the owner chopping up his steak in the most theatrical and fun way. Rumour has it one is coming to London soon yay!

Nobu- The only reason I haven’t eaten here is because I don’t eat sushi, but if I did this would be the first place I would come to in Dubai. A stunning restaurant with an even more stunning crowd and vibe!

Ossiano- This world class under water restaurant, which again is renowned for its sea food, has the most incredible views in the whole of Dubai. Diners are blown away as the eat underneath the famous aquarium at the Atlantis, boosting views of sharks, jelly fish and sting rays. What an incredibly magical experience!

Atmosphere at The Burj– It goes without saying that the most famous landmark in Dubai has a stunning restaurant to visit. Im gutted I haven’t been here yet, so instead I brought in one of my lovely blogger friends to give their say on this world class restaurant.

Travels of Mrs B– On their afternoon tea- “As soon as we walked into the lounge at At.Mosphere we were completely taken back by the stunning views. It really is indescribable and my words and pictures will not do it justice”.

Also the queen of Dubai Miss Nicole Lovelock Mears from She Dined In The Sun has kindly revealed her favourite jaunt in the city…

Tresind- “Tresind has to be up there as one of my favourite Dubai restaurants. Think fine dining Indian food but with quirks and theatrics you’ve never seen anywhere else. The opening of Tresind Studio, their “chef’s table” experience, introduced us to a beautiful 16 course degustation menu which I think is really going to put these guys on the global foodie map. Definitely not one to miss’.

WELL… all of this food chat has left me VERY hungry and wanting to go and book anther trip to the dream land. So I think ill leave it here before I explode with hunger!

Id love to know if this blog has inspired you at all, or where your favourite place to eat in Dubai is so I can add to my every growing list!

Thank you so much for reading, and i’ll speak to all of you darlings soon!

Lots of love Sammy xxxx


For more foodie fun read my New York Food Diaries right here!


For more foodie fun read my New York Food Diaries right here!


  • Disclaimer- This post contains products with affiliate links, that will earn me a tiny bit of commission if you choose to purchase them. (It doesn’t cost you anything extra). All items on this page I own or have used and as always, I will 100% tell the truth on everything!!


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      Aww I know it’s on par with New York dining isn’t it!! Thank you lovely xxx

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