Players Bingo Review!

Don’t hate the player hate the game!!!

Well that’s what I kept repeating to myself last Thursday night when I left the fabulous Players Bingo without one single prize. I’m stupidly competitive at games and clearly a ridiculous sore loser what can I say? You learn something new about yourself every day.

Although let’s change the word hate here, because that’s one thing I did not feel towards Players Bingo. Oh no. My feelings were in-fact the absolute opposite as I loved it and now want to fill you lovely lot in on this extremely hilarious night out so you can get in on the action whilst it’s in London!


So what is Players Bingo?

Well it’s a fun filled night of playing the classic bingo game we all love and adore, but with a twist. The twist being that instead of sitting inside a stuffy hall with no atmosphere, instead, the old school Mecca Bingo Hall in Camden has totally been transformed into a fabulous, buzzy experience fit with a live house band, endless cocktails on tap, delicious burgers and a hilarious host leading you through the night. Dreamy.


That sounds fun, but what can we WIN?

Oh guys, I knew this would be the first thing secretly going through all your heads. We’re all such big competitors at heart aren’t we? Forget all the “Oh it’s the taking part that counts”. NOPE, we mean business and thank goodness Players Bingo takes this very seriously, with generous cash prizes on offer as well as the hysterical top prizes of a fridge freezer, mountain bike and a inflatable kayak. Wait WHAT. Yep it’s true!!! Those of you who are lucky enough to win a full house will win one of the most random and hilarious prizes I’ve ever seen on offer. (And I’ve worked on many a game show in my time as a telly producer so this is no joke).


Okay I’m in. How many chances do I get to play?

During the night there will be three chances to play bingo. And during each round there are three separate chances to win either a line (£20) two lines (£30) or a full house (£50 plus fun prize) There will also be the chance to play a quick techno electronic version of bingo too to top up your prize fund which is a fun and modern addition to the bingo world.


In between each intense round of Bingo there are small breaks where you can chill with your friends, listen to 90’s and pop music, and have some fun with the bingo themed instagrammable props including a bingo ball curtain wall!!!

Oh and did I mention that this all takes places while you can stuff your face with delicious burgers and bingo themed cocktails. I mean what’s NOT to love?


So get your Dabbers at the ready because this is bingo brought back in a brand new hilarious way. It’s the same old game that we all love and adore but this time round it’s got absolutely dressed up for the nines to make your experience the most fun ever!! And hey, you might even take a cheeky little prize home.

Have fun gang, and get in there quick because this great pop up is only on till the end of June.

Knock on the door… that’s just FOUR more weeks to get lucky!!!!

Thank you for a fabulous night Players Bingo!

Lots of love Sammy (the very sore but happy loser) xxx

To book tickets for Players Bingo click here!!!

Disclaimer- I was invited to review Players Bingo through Love Pop Ups London, however as always all views and opinions are my own.


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  1. June 6, 2019 / 9:18 pm

    I’ve been to players! It’s so fun isn’t it?!? There was an inflatable kayak up for grabs when I was there and I really wanted to win it just for the LOLs!! X

    • summersholiyay
      June 7, 2019 / 9:17 pm

      Ahhh have you yes totally agree… omg I know how random is that hahahahaha xxxxxxx

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