The Spaghetti Bolognese Diaries!

Welcome to the Spaghetti Bolognese Diaries!!!!!

This is an extremely sacred place, where carb lovers can be assured that for the next few minutes we will be celebrating my bestest friend in the world PASTA.

Its been a real tough few weeks whilst I have slaved away writing this blog post. And as promised to my darling followers I made sure I visited as many places, and consumed as many bowls of pasta as possible in order to give you a true and accurate blog post.

Because that’s just the kind of piggy girl I am.

So here we have it… and below are what I believe to be the most DELICIOUS Spaghetti Bolognese’s you will ever experience in London Towwwwn.

Buon Appetito.


(Areas: Bond Street and Knightsbridge)

When Sammy met Harry, it was love at first sight.

I’m not talking, little crush, your kinda cute… I fancy you vibes. I’m going in deep and hardcore- like marriage level here people.

This is not a drill. Harrys MUST become your new love!!!!

Okay lets get real now so I can fill you in. There are two branches of Harrys. ‘Harrys Dolce Vita’, The Knightsbridge branch which opened in 2017 and the latest branch, ’Harrys Bar’ situated just behind Selfridges, which only opened last winter. And oh boy they are just beyond fabulous!!!

Both restaurants have the same classy and buzzy vibe, which instantly takes you back to the glamorous world of Italy in the 1960s. The décor is opulent and stylish, the waitors are dressed to the nines, and the food is on another level.

But lets get to the main event- because this is what we are all here for. And their bolognese absolutely wins top spot. Firstly my meal was served to me in a mini saucepan, and that in itself was enough to win me over. but what came out of that saucepan was even better. Thick, hot, al dente, perfect tagliatelle pasta, with the bolognese sauce already mixed in. I was in pure heaven. It was genuinally the best spag bowl I have ever experienced and this would absolutely be my final meal before I die, if I could choose.

Oh god this just got deep, lets quickly move on….


(Areas: Selfridges Roof Top, Covent Garden and Piccadilly)

Oh San Carlo, how wonderful you are!!

I first discovered the San Carlo branch when working away in Bristol and basically fell head over heels in love. When I realised that they had branches all over London I was absolutely over the moon; how had I gone 28 years of my life without realising this dreamy restaurant brand existed?

My happiness was extended last year when Selfridges Rooftop announced a partnership with San Carlo and made everyone in London’s dream come true. You can now enjoy the best bowl of Spag bowl, whilst sitting on top of Selfridges roof top, which has the best views and the most buzzy fun atmosphere. The food here is absolutely delicious, plus the restaurant is decorated and themed to its season, which always makes the most fun photo opportunity with friends.

I have also visited the San Carlo Cicchetti brand in Covent Garden, which is famous for their mini sharing plates of Italian heaven. This restaurant has the classic San Carlo feel to it. A restaurant that is dipped head to toe in opulent marble décor that gives off a real air of sophistication. Their Bolognese, which they have named ‘Nonna Marias’ Bolognese from Bologna (DREAMS), has been slow cooked for six hours and has the most rich and filling taste. Basically, Nonna Marie is my number one hun.


(Areas: The Ned Hotel/Shoreditch)

Lets face it, anything The Soho Group touches turns to gold, so I always knew I would feel nothing but pure love for Cecconis.

And true to their word they have created an absolute winner with this divine Italian brand.

There are a few Cecconis dotted around London, but I am yet to visit their main one. However I am an absolute regular at their restaurant in Bank at The Ned Hotel. (My fave hotel in London).

This Cecconis is the PERFECT date night spot. With it’s dark, moody and romantic lighting and the most beautiful interiors, you will feel like the ultimate movie star who is being wined and dined. I’m extremely lucky as I have a ‘Ned Card’ which gets me 50% off all food and drink on a Monday due to working in the Entertainment world. This is why I get to eat here so much, but don’t worry the prices aren’t too scary if your paying full price.

What I adore about The Ned is their live music performances, which instantly creates the most incredible and fun night out. And with Cecconis located directly next to the music stage you will feel as if you are at a private concert, whilst munching away on its rich and mouth watering bolognese.

Winner winner, chicken pasta dinner.

But The Ned has a run for its money as late last year its sister restaurant opened its doors in the cool and trendy Shoreditch area.

And my GOD is it amazing!!!!!

Cecconis Shoreditch’s stand out feature is their Sunday feast, which costs £25 pound per person and is an unlimited buffet of the worlds most incredible fresh Italian food you could ever imagine. To say I pigged out here is an understatement, the first time we visited myself and the hubs got five course with plates plied so high we could barely see each other.

Please promise me you will visit here, it is THE BEST.


(Area: Wapping)

Boredello is hands down one of my favourite restaurants in the world. This is an absolute hidden treasure and is my little gift to you.

Located minutes away from the gorgeous St Katherines Dock is this Italian restaurant of dreams. It’s a traditional family run business where the staff really take the time to get to know their customers and because we have been coming here for the last few years we now feel a part of the furniture.

Theres a certain warmth and joy I feel when I come to Bordello, the atmosphere here is infectious and you can only feel such happiness when dining in this vibrant, loud and authentic Italian heaven.

Now here’s a good piece of advice, do not, I repeat do NOT turn up to Bordello when your ‘not really hungry‘. The portions here are GIGANTIC and the food is genuinely the most delicious, mouth watering Italian food you will ever experience. You need to be ready for the biggest feast of your life and not ordering a three course meal is absolutely not an option here and you will live to regret it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

My go to meal here is the Bruschetta/ Pizza Bread (yep double carbs and what?!), Tagliatelle bolognese and a stack of Profiteroles. I legit wanna live here.

This is a true slice of Italy buried deep in the heart of charming Wapping. You can thank me later.


(Area: Bloomsbury)

This is another classic family run Italian, which is a smaller and more cosy version of Bordello. Plus the prices are pretty sweet too!

What I absolutely adore about Ciao Bella is the outside area, where you can dine alfresco watching the world go by.

I have such fond memories of visiting this restaurant with my family, with all of us catching up, trying to talk over one another whilst stuffing our little faces with piles of garlic bread and pasta… and having a cheeky limoncello or two. When the weather is nice its easy to forget you are in London, and you will instantly feel as if you have been transported to a traditional Italian area whilst at Ciao Bella. Of course the inside is lovely too, but for me, the outdoor section is so special and is what gets this delicious restaurant on my top five.

Because of course, food is obviously one of the most important features of what makes a restaurant a fab place, but I believe so much more comes into it. Service, decor, and most importantly atmosphere. If I am eating the most delicious food but the atmosphere of where I am is dull, stuffy or boring that would absolutely ruin my experience. But when a restaurant is full of life and you feel as if your meal is an ‘experience’ I will instantly feed off that and have the bestest time.

And lets face it time is precious for us all so its extremely important to choose your restaurants wisely.

And this, my friends is why Ciao Bella is the place to be.

 (Website image from Ciao Bella)

Oh my goodness, there we have it!!!!!!

I really hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I did eating my way through London.

Please tell me what your favourite Italian restaurant is? I’m always looking for delicious new places to try. Hey, maybe there can be a Spag Bol Diaries part two soon???!!!!

Right I’m off… all this chat has left me hungry and wanting to explore the fridge. But lets face it, when am I NOT hungry? Don’t answer that.

Thank you so much for reading, have a fabulous week!! I hope its filled with so much pasta and garlic bread.

Loads of love,




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    • summersholiyay
      March 12, 2019 / 10:48 am

      Promise me you will.. I know you will adore it xxxx

  1. March 16, 2019 / 12:15 pm

    Right I’m going to admit it, I’m a pasta snob! Since my chef mate taught me how to make pasta in Florence! But I would happily eat a plate of the stuff from any of your recommedations when I’m in London! Such a great read as always Sammy! Love your entertaining style! Xx

    • summersholiyay
      March 16, 2019 / 1:10 pm

      I honestly can’t tell you how much this means to me, espesh coming from such an incredible writer like yourself xxxx

  2. March 18, 2019 / 10:39 pm

    So, being a vegan I couldnt eat any of these, but I want to visit at least three of them so if they have a vegan option, Im in! San Carlo in particular appeals to me! Yummy

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