The New York Edition Hotel Review

New York, New York- that magical city that never sleeps..

But guess what, I have found the most perfect hotel for you that is going to make you wish that you could sleep for 1000 hours a night and more.

When Leonardo DiCaprio and Alexa Chung are the guests at this hotels opening, and Rihanna and The Beckhams are regulars here, you know your onto a winner of a hotel…

Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you, my new favourite hotel, the fabulous, the wonderful….New York Edition.

Now I’m going to set the scene for you.. imagine a hotel that is so sleek, so modern, and so stylish… and then times that by ten, that is The New York Edition summed up.

We arrived bright and early on a Sunday morning last March, and was instantly greeted by two very yummy doormen who took our luggage and welcomed us into the beautiful reception. When I laid eyes on my new home for the week it wasn’t just the hotels beauty that left me speechless, it was also the hotels divine signature smell that left me craving more and more…. but I will come back to this a little bit later on.

Interior wise, the reception, bar and lounge area are all on one level. The hotels ground floor is totally open plan and is absolutely to die for with the most incredible atmosphere, which was totally buzzing at all hours of the day. In fact I felt like I was inside a night club with a glossy and filtered effect over it, as everything was so perfect and dream like. I mean it when I say the crowd at this hotel is seriously cool too, everyone is just so glamorous, stylish and it was one of the most exciting places to sit and people watch, without ever feeling intimidating. I just felt lucky to be living my best life in one of the most trendy and chic places in New York.

At night the bar area totally comes alive with incredible clubby music and crowds of people who would all get glammed up to the nines would arrive to come here and have a good time. What I loved about this bar was that it didn’t feel like a tourist trap; instead it was full of cool New Yorkers and we felt like we had been let into New Yorks best kept secret.

The days at the hotel were a lot more calm and after a long day of shopping, sightseeing and eating (and oh boy did we eat) we would return to our new home, collapse on their comfy velvet sofas and drink tea by the crackling fire, watching the world go by and getting excited for our evening ahead.

The New York Edition is situated next to Madison Square Park in Midtown, surrounded by greenery and gorgeous restaurants, whilst still feeling really peaceful at the same time. I personally much preferred this location than staying in Times Square. I’m really not a big fan of that area as I find it totally overwhelming, loud, noisy and in general just a big tourist trap. For me, staying in Midtown was so much more vibrant and real and it sat perfectly in the middle of Manhattan, meaning we could walk to most places. It also gave us a slice of what it might feel like if we were to live in New York, rather than just being a tourist.

The tall hotel building was formally The Metropolitan Life Insurance Company building, which was then converted to The Edition in 2015. The hotel is still extremely new, yet still possess so much rich history and features from its original form, and it is renowned for its beautiful clock tower feature at the top of the building.

Now shall we rewind a bit back to our arrival? I want to tell you about our bedroom of DREAMS….

So the incredible staff at the hotel gave us the best surprise and start to our holiday by upgrading us to a Deluxe Suite, I was totally blown away and over the moon. By being upgraded it meant that we were put very high up (yay) and our views were beyond anything I have ever experienced before. It was defiantly one of those moments where when the bedroom door opened for the first time, a high pitched happy squeal erupted from me; I truly felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

(The views from our bedroom, how incredible!)

On top of our beautiful views the bedroom itself was a stunning palace fit for a very cool King and Queen. Do you know what I can actually imagine Prince Harry and Meghan Markle loving this hotel. The minimalistic style and theme flowed through the whole hotel, which meant our airy room felt very natural, stylish and modern yet still had the cosiest warmth to it too. By adding little luxuries such as a thick fluffy throw to the crisp white bed sheets it meant we felt right at home straight away. Our King sized bed was a fluffy cloud and we would sink into it each night. The hotel also has US Netflix on its TVs which was fun to explore and some nights we actually fell asleep to Gossip Girl- I know how ridiculously cliche are we! But we wouldn’t want it any other way.

The bathroom was very modern and clean. Although my one little negative would be that it didn’t have a bubble bath, just a huge shower instead. But lets be honest, your on the go so much that its not the end of the world that there isn’t one. The best bit about the bathroom were the ‘Le Labo’ toiletries, which were complimentary to all hotel guests…and this brings me back to my earlier comments about the hotels iconic smell.

Le Labo is a luxurious fragrance company, who created a distinct exclusive smell especially for the hotel. Every single part of the hotel has the most beautiful, fresh scent, which hits you in the face as soon as you enter the lobby, and I became absolutely obsessed with it. We brought the candle from the hotel reception (which is the only place in the world you can get it from) so we would remember the smell forever. Throughout my life I really do believe that smells evoke strong memories and now whenever we light the candle up in our flat I’m instantly transported back to this hotel of dreams and this happy happy time.

But guess what!!!!! Le Labo has very recently opened a concession at Selfridges, and this Christmas my hubby surprised me with the matching smelling perfume. If you’re curious as to what the smell is, it is called ‘The Noir 29’ and is mixture of chocolate, citrus, smoke, peppers and flowers. I KNOW!!! Total heaven!!!!!!

The hotel also has an exclusive restaurant, which is owned by the Michelin Starred Chef Jason Alderton called ‘Clock Tower’. The truth is, I never visited here as I am not much of a fine dining girl. Give me a big fat juicy burger and chips any day of the week over 12 mini plates of canapés I have not heard of before. (You can take the girl out of Essex….) But I have heard wonderful things about the ‘Clocktower’ and am sure it is totally divine. The restaurant also serves breakfast, but we decided to venture out and explore different restaurants rather than stay in the hotel, so I can’t comment on this either sorry!

Another fabulous feature of the hotel was the games room, which was located next to a second more calm bar on the first floor. To find it you would have to climb up a spiral curved staircase which led you into another beautiful room, filled with photographs and had a deep purple theme to it. Every night we would come upstairs and play a game of snooker, which resulted in us getting very competitive with one another and the odd argument or too over the hubs cheating ha!

I can honestly say that The New York Edition is the most beautiful, glamorous and stun hotel I have ever stayed in when visiting a city. I honestly never wanted to leave and am already counting down the seconds until I return one day. I have also totally fallen head over heels for The Edition brand. It is truly one of the most classy, stylish chain of hotels I have stayed in, with impeccable service from all of its staff members from the door men, receptionists, house cleaning to the bar staff and I am now totally desperate to visit the Miami and Barcelona Edition.

So if your planning a trip to the city of dreams, I hope this has inspired you, and trust me when I say if I were you I would book this hotel in a heartbeat. Also please stay tuned as my jam packed New York food and activity guide will be coming very very soon.


Gossip Girl


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Click here to visit The New York Edition website– (we booked via Virgin Holidays)

Please note these photos are a mixture of my own and The Hotel’s website photos.


  1. January 16, 2019 / 9:27 am

    OK so I’m sold and this will definitely be a contender when we’re planning our return to The Big Apple. Love everything about it and the view from your room is incredible but then I just love NYC as its a special place, we mini mooned there xx

    • summersholiyay
      January 16, 2019 / 10:28 am

      Awww thank you for such an amazing comment!! I honestly think you would love it here.. it’s so chic and stylish! Your so right NYC is beyond special xxxxx

  2. February 10, 2019 / 3:40 pm

    This hotel looks amazing! So sleek and high end. We do tend to stay in Times Square when we go, purely for convenience, but I do like the idea of staying a little further out. I will keep this one in mind! I like the idea of being a pretend New Yorker…….

    • February 11, 2019 / 2:09 pm

      Thank you so much for your lovely words… I would honestly reccomend this in a heartbeat… they also have a Times Square branch opening this year too which may be fun xxxx

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