The DREAM Honeymoon at The Maldives- Kuramathi Island review!!!!

In the words of S Club 7, I’ve never had a dream come true until the day that I….found you visited The Maldives!!!

Ahhhhh I’m literally BUZZING with excitement as I write this blog for you.

So as you probably know if you follow me on Insta, we honeymooned at the dream destination- The Maldives. I was the luckiest girl in the world to experience living the dream life as a castaway on an island in the middle of the Ocean and I cannot wait to tell you all about it. The only difference between me and Tom Hanks was that I was wined and dined like a queen whilst he starved on cockroaches (soz hun).


 Look I won’t lie I 100% spent the last ten years dreaming about visiting The Maldives on a daily basis, scrolling through Insta on a freezing cold February morning whilst being stuck on the central line thinking ‘WHY isn’t this my life???’ So once we got engaged and before Wayney had even breathed the words ‘where should we go on our honeymoon?’ I had already ran to Kuoni, collected every brochure in sight, giving him absolutely had no say. But let’s not lie he didn’t need much convincing. We were going to The Maldives and we were going to live happily ever after. End of Story.


But which island I hear you cry???????

I always knew there were lots of islands but I never understood just how many there were to choose from until I properly started researching. And my god was it a hard decision because each island is ridiculously stunning.

Fun fact- Did you know that there are 300,000 islands in The Maldives, but only 192 of these islands have been inhabited. So I guess that’s 192 credit cards I need to take out to ensure I visit them all hahaha.

So back to the decision making. After a LOT of insta stalking and scrolling through endless pages on Trip Advisor we had chosen our island and boy did it feel good.

The Kuramathi was our winner for many reasons.


Firstly because it is one of the biggest islands in The Maldives.


 And because it was so large it meant we had 12 restaurants to choose from, endless miles of pure sandy beach, three pools and five bars to play with.

Now, this might not be to everyone’s taste. There are plenty of islands that are tiny in comparison to The Kuramathi with only two restaurants to choose from and a handful of rooms so you truly feel like you’re on a deserted island. But for me and Wayney we wanted the best of both worlds. We wanted the ultimate luxury and picturesque scenes The Maldives had to offer but with atmosphere too. And The Kuramathi ticked all of those boxes.


Our spring wedding was the last weekend of March last year and we waited a few weeks until we went on honeymoon. We choose to go away the last week of April into the first week of May and we were incredibly lucky- we only experienced rain on one night for a few hours, but the rest of the time it was pure sunshine. Weather wise we were advised that The Maldives dry season is Dec-May and the wet season runs from June-Nov. However two of my besties have actually visited in August and were lucky too- so if you do want to risk it, it will be a lot more affordable during off peak season.


 Passports at the ready, lets goooo

After the longest countdown it was finally time for our holiday! We flew to Dubai with Emirates, had a two hour stop over where we dined on McDonalds and then had another four hour flight to Male through the night. I was too excited to sleep- we were getting nearer and nearer!


Once you get to Male you will have the option to get a speed boat to your island or pay a bit extra and get a sea plane. Wayney had surprised me with a seaplane ticket and it was the best, most surreal moment. The views actually took my breath away- endless blue with bright turquoise circular rings surrounding luscious green islands. It really was a pinch me moment.


After a stunning twenty minute journey our pilot (who by the way flew us in bare foot- and that’s the norm in The Maldives) landed the plane in the middle of the sea. One by one the 12 passengers were helped onto a rocking wooden pontoon in the middle of the ocean- and handed their suitcases- then the sea plane flew away into the distance. For around a minute we were left on our own with nothing in sight apart from the Indian Ocean. Then we heard the rumble of a speed boat coming to collect us and drive us to our stunning island- The Kuramathi.


It’s hard to describe the feeling I had when I set eyes upon my new home for the first time but I was truly speechless (which takes a lot) and ridiculously emotional.

It was perfect. It was stunning. It was beautiful and it was all ours for the next two weeks.

No matter where I am lucky enough to travel to in the future I don’t think anything will be able to top the moment we arrived in The Maldives. It was picture perfect and everything I had been dreaming of.


With a glass of Island fresh Pineapple Juice downed us and keys in our hands… our deluxe beach villa awaited us.

 Home Sweet Home


Nestled underneath a set of palm trees sat our beautiful beach villa. It was honestly the most gorgeous accommodation and I would totally recommend staying on the beach to anyone. Of course staying in an over water villa is still on my bucket list, but I do believe having your own villa on a private stretch of beach- where your next door neighbours are the sea- is totally on par.


Kuramathi Maldives, October 2009

As you can see from this photo the decking looked out to the Indian Ocean and miles of sand stretched out before our eyes.

Every night we would get back to our room and watch the sunset from the loungers.

Inside, the villa had a spacious bedroom. But the best part of it all was the outside bathroom which was at the back of the villa, and inside the jungle. Showering outside with your only view being the stars in the sky and hearing the bats was a real pinch me moment, and something you wouldn’t get to experience by staying in a water villa.

SO here’s a breakdown of what my daily routine was in The Maldives……….

Wake up it’s a beautiful morning-

Nothing was better than waking up knowing that I had another full day to spend in paradise.


Our beach villa was tucked away in the ‘jungle’ area of the island. Which by the way was STUNNING. I still never got over how one minute I would be surrounded by endless miles of sandy beach and crystal blue water… To then moving four steps to the left and feeling like a borrower under the tallest of banyan trees, adorned with pink flowers in a rain-forest heaven.



Getting into our characters as Tarzan and Jungle Jane, we would always take a slow stroll through the rain-forest to our little mini bus stop, where the golf buggy would collect us and take us to the buffet of dreams. Every morning I would tuck into a feast of Pancakes, Waffles and tropical fruit.

Then it would be time to make our BIG decision. Beach or pool?? I know, I know, it’s a hard life but someone has to do it..

We usually alternated between the two options as they were both so incredible.

To give you a bit more insight into the island; because it’s so big they have two sections.




The South Side

The ‘south side’ of The Kuramathi is the old and vintage part of the island. It feels very rustic and Maldivian and this is where the main beach is with the stunning infinity pool. When you were in this pool it was easy to mistake that you were actually in the sea.

Kuramathi Maldives, October 2009



We always managed to get our favourite spot on the comfiest of couches on the beach, where I would spend my day relaxing, drinking cocktails, reading endless chick flicks and falling asleep many a time. (See above)


The sea was so tranquil and see through, and was the prettiest shade of turquoise you could ever imagine. It was the total norm that you would be in the water and a group of baby reef sharks would be playing around you too.


This part of the island has around three restaurants (back to this later) and is very chilled and peaceful.


The North Side

The ‘north side’ of The Kuramathi is brand new. We were so lucky because it only opened up a few months before we visited. This is the new modern, hip and cool part of The Island and we absolutely loved it. I called it Bali/Ibiza on stilts. This part of the island had the pool club, which consisted of a gigantic infinity pool up high, overlooking the ocean… where loud and clubby music would play throughout the day and it had a real buzzy atmosphere.



It was really cool to alternate between these different parts of the Island throughout our time there, and it weirdly felt like we got to experience two separate islands. This part of the island also had the most amazing restaurants, which I’ll tell you all about soon.


The Sandbank

The Sandbank- The highlight of Kuramathi and my favourite part of the island was the sandbank. No pictures or words can do this place justice, but I will try and paint a picture for you.


Miles and miles of pure white sand…  where nothing but the ocean stretches into the distance. One of my favourite memories was the morning we walked right up into the very edge of the sandbank. Looking back to the Kuramathi everything seemed absolutely tiny, like little pictures in a story book. We were miles away from anything, any one and it was only then it hit me that I was totally living my dream and that I probably wouldn’t get to visit anywhere as beautiful again in a very long time.






Would you believe me if I told you that I went through 28 years of life before experiencing a massage? Well it’s true, so I decided to break my spa virginity at The Kuramathi spa, and to be honest there’s no going back. How will anything ever be able to compare again??

As there is a no phone policy at The Spa I have taken a photo from The Kuramathi website to show you where we experienced our couple’s massage, which was kindly gifted to us by our very generous friends. Yep, I know, I had a massage on a stilted platform over the water and to be honest I absolutely died and went to heaven. I think that’s the most I’ve ever relaxed in my life… and for someone like me, who is ALWAYS on the go… this was truly needed.



Okay if you’re still reading, fear not, because I have been saving the best part till last and it’s now time for the main event… THE FOOD!!

And my goodness me.. did The Kuramathi deliver!!! As mentioned before there are 12 restaurants to choose from and you will be fed like ansolute king and queens.


My main advice to you is to book the All Inclusive Ala Carte Package. Although it may sound expensive when booking it will save you a fortune when you’re out on the island, and will mean you will not have to worry about anything out there. The restaurants are truly out of this world and worth every single penny you will spend. I won’t bore you and describe all 12 restaurants but I want to tell you about my stand out experiences…



So good we went three times. When I saw this restaurant on the website I assumed that the Island BBQ would be a buffet… but how wrong was I!! This will forever be my favourite dining experience of my life.  Situated at the edge of the old part of the island, each party has their own mini table on the beach underneath the stars… and then their own personal chef.. yes you read that correct… PERSONAL CHEF comes to your table and makes you whatever you want fresh in front of you.


They wheel out a mini BBQ/Oven and cook it with a roaring fire beneath your eyes. I was mesmerised and loved and appreciated every single second of that experience. Their most iconic meal is the steak Diane, which I ordered every time, and for dessert our lovely chef cooked us crepes drizzled in a hot orange sauce. The most romantic and special memories were made at the Island BBQ.




A slice of Italy in the middle of the Maldives. This restaurant gives Italy a run for its money and is iconic for its stone baked ovens where the most delicious pizzas are created. This open air restaurant is bang in the middle of the island and has a total different feel to it. Its positioned on the sand however is surrounded by towering palm trees, so you feel as if you are in the middle of the jungle. Its ridiculously special.


Come night time, the restaurant has a very dark and atmospheric feel to it, where the only light you will receive is from the twinkling stars and the tables mini lamps.. just so romantic!




One of the brand new restaurants, and again one of my favourite experiences.. this teppanyaki restaurant cooks for no more than 8 lucky guests each night. You sit in front of the cook and the oven and they create the most mouth-watering food in front of your face. This really feels like a fun adventure as the cook takes you on a journey through his cooking skills and it has a really intimate and special feel to the experience.




The most stunning restaurant I have ever laid my eyes on. Brand new, and on stilts over looking the water and the Water Villas, when you dine here you will have the sound of waves lapping against the decking, and will spend your time shark watching here.


The food is a mix between Asian and Chinese and can be visited for lunch or dinner. For me I preferred eating here for lunch because the views were BEYOND AMAZING, and at night you couldn’t see as much.




There’s plenty more amazing options to choose from where we also ate, including a buffet, Thai and Indian restaurant. I promise you hunger will be the last thing you feel when in The Maldives.


Wow, and there we have it. Writing this blog has been truly amazing. As the words rolled out onto paper I stepped back in time and relived the best two weeks of my life. I hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing it, and hope that you feel so inspired to visit The Maldives now. Go on book it, I promise it will be the best thing you ever do…  plus you deserve it….

Loads of love Sammy xxx


P.S… I now spend most of my time wander lusting over all of the amazing other islands The Maldives has to offer so my next blog post will be my top ten Maldives bucket list and I can’t wait to share it with you all!


P.P.S.. WARNING- Coming home from The Maldives is the worst feeling in the world.. I had to travel to Bristol for work the day after I returned, and I basically cried the whole way up the M4. So yeah, I just wanted to warn you all.

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    OK, I’ve been to The Maldives but I’m sold once again. Will be referring to this one when we prep our return next year! Love the photos too!

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      Ahh that’s made my day thank you so so much xxxxxx

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    Wow!! Sounds like the perfect honeymoon. Gorgeous photos too. I have never been but hope to one day xx

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      Thank you so much, so kind!! Ahh I hope you do too I know you would love it xxx

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